Roofing Photos

WIN Stadium Roof Photos

From Australia and New Zealand.
Have a look at some of the images (the first on is also a link to the video of FrameCads "Factory in a Can" - pretty impressive stuff from New Zealand. There are a few of these operating in Australia, but many more overseas. These guys are leading the way!

FrameCads "Factory in a Can Video" - Good Innovation Here

FrameCad Mobile Mill & Full Mobile Factory

FrameCad Mobile Stud Mill

Fielders Mobile Mill

Lysaght Mobile Mill

Lysaght Mobile Mill
 Great Football Stadium - amazing what can be done with metal and engineering!
Eden Park Football Stadium New Roof from Selector Blog.

Roof Advertising is becoming big business in Australia and the USA - with large companies adding their LOGO to the roof top. Some large NSW Roofing Contractors are taking advantage of this growth area and adding the LOGO as an optional extra in their quotes. 
Roof Advertising - Here is Target with their Logo

Climate Change for the Roofing Industry

Lifting on the whole Roof in NZ


  1. Is the photo of the Target Shed in Australia?

    A sign writer

  2. It's Target Store in the USA - California perhaps?
    The Roofer

  3. Didn't see the photos of our Mobile factory (Factory in a Can) until today.

    Thanks for the plug! We now have 5 of these mobile mills in Australia and more than 20 around the rest of the world.

    Peter Blythe
    FRAMECAD Solutions

  4. Now in Links for the Roofing Industry also!

  5. The video was awesome! Great animation. It’ll be just nice to see a place unfold like that in real life. Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but just the great method and procedure of building a site. :D

    - Chantay Smithingell -