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Certified Roofing - Brisbane Queensland

GCS Gutter Cleaning Solutions

Jones Roofing - Brisbane Queensland

FSEER - Four Seasons Energy Efficient Roofing U.S.A.

Seymour Roofing - Perth WA

Southwest Roofing-Sydney NSW


  1. Southwest Roofing-Sydney NSW

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    1. On the list above Certified Roofing

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    The state of California has a particular licensing process for roofers. To get a state license and become a licensed roofing contractor in California, one needs to obtain a C-39 license before contracting any roofing jobs over the amount of $500.00. If the work is performed without a license, the homeowner may be stuck with unsatisfactory results and have no way to get assistance to correct the problems. If a licensed roofing contractor has problems that relate to unfinished work or the work is faulty in any way, the homeowner or property owner can at least file a claim against the roofing contractor's performance bond for the cost of repairs, damages or unfinished work that must be still be completed. Obtaining a bond is a prerequisite before any license will be issued and it must be in good standing and renewed every two years or the contractor's license could be revoked.
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