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Roof at WIN Stadium work starts 27/01/2012
The document says once the application is approved, ‘‘it is proposed that the entire roof structure will be removed and then rebuilt in accordance with the amended design’’.  Read about it in the Illawarra Mercury article by SHANNON TONKIN

A 220 tonne & an 80 tonne Crane move into WIN Stadium

BlueScope to sell The Iron Monarch? 26/01/2012
The Iron Monarch - For Sale?
The Iron Monarch - the steel Ro/Ro ship owned by BlueScope that runs between Melbourne and Port Kembla. Raising money to pay back debt due by July! WT......


  1. Win Stadium Roof should be finished just in time for the Bulldogs game

  2. Yes - finally - and just in time!

  3. Hey. I was wondering if you had a more up to date list of the major players in the roofing industry and their turnovers? I have the one you uploaded a year or so ago...
    would be greatly appreciated! Or then where I could look that info up?

    1. The info is sourced from everywhere - I will endeavour to get an up to date by end of June - this year, when the figures start coming through - lots of changes this year with Stratco especially - the Big Red Boxes everywhere have increased their turnover greatly. The rest are just fighting for square meters of roofing only - they will be interesting!

  4. massive news just sent through!!!!!