Friday, August 23, 2013

Steel industry Australia gets nothing from $137 million contract at Manus Island.

Rollforming in Australia gets nothing.
PNG gets nothing either.

The two facts below are in relation to the new Manus Island detention, resettlement resort for new visitors coming to Australia by boat.

  1. Red Sea Housing is building housing at the existing processing centre on Manus Island as the Australian Government seeks to rapidly increase its capacity.
  2. Australian company Decmil has been given a $A137 million contract to build a new processing centre in the island's capital, Lorengau

So why is this important, well first you have to look at the construction of the housing at the existing processing centre on Manus Island as shown here on VIDEO by the Immigration Australia website. Here's a clip from the video at about 1.04 minutes showing the portal frame section, looks like aluminium to me. 
Aluminium or Steel section from Australia?
The second clip is from this PHOTO of the finished cladding on the same website. Also have a look at the photos for this plastic covered aluminium framed accommodation unit, not exactly cyclone safe.  
Plastic Fabric possibly, but definitely not steel.
So the main thing is there appears to be two contracts out, one to Decmil to build a 600 bed facility for $137 million, and another to Red Sea Housing at the existing centre to increase it's capacity for whatever cost who would know. The other problem is it seems no PNG companies have been given the opportunity to tender for these contracts as shown here on the ABC VIDEO.  Red Sea Housing is a Saudi Arabian firm that has done mining camps all over the world and also in PNG. Decmil or the Government have to come clean about the supply of the building materials in these contracts. Seems Australian and Papua New Guinean firms have both been excluded. Fair, definitely NO.
So the reason of this whole exercise is there is no compulsion by the government to ensure that Australian firms have a chance to tender on this with Decmil or Tony Burke. Has anyone had supplies go to this company or Red Sea Housing?

The Roofers Solution saving $110 Million.
For $137 million plus, whatever is being spent on Manus Island, here is a solution that would save more than $110 million dollars and give the asylum seekers luxury that could be sent anywhere at any time, maybe to Saudi Arabia to collect asylum seekers at the same time.
This little 1,550 accommodation capable package is currently for sale at only $27 million.
Save over $110 million on the current contract. Comes with Massage Spa Section?
Here's the details on the bargain solution for the MSC MELODY - your luxury guaranteed.
What really will cause problems is that small, medium and large rollforming industries will get nothing out of any of the above solutions.
But the government can guarantee that the new arrivals will be entertained:
What a blast.

Monday, August 19, 2013

BlueScope spend One Tenth of a Billion Dollars. Must be doing well.

BlueScope Spent One Tenth of a Billion Dollars today.

It is actually $109.2 million but what's $9.2 million when you talk Billions.

Another addition to BlueScope.

  1. The first information of this spend was bought about by this comment below from obviously a Fielders current employee who is not particularly happy. But they will be looked after by Fielders after receiving $87.5 million for Fielders, but there's more, you also get Orrcon thrown in for free. Or is it the other way round. Which ever is the case, Hills picked up a lazy $87.5 million for their steel business in the form of Fielders and Orrcon and shareholders loved it, finally Ted Pretty has Hills under control and shares jumped to $1.435 (over 11%).                                                                                                                                                                                                                    AnonymousMonday, August 19, 2013Fielders have sold to Bluescope! Surely this breaches the monopoly laws, how can they get away with that. Meanwhile Fielders expects all its staff to stay loyal while they probably make plans to sack us all and close us down by January 2014. The loyalty all of the workers have given to Fielders in the end meant nothing, we all got shafted
  2. Item 1 was for $87.5 million for two of Hills steel business modules, but where is the other $21.7 million from. Well that's for the nine executives as per the following: The chief executive, Paul O’Malley received a salary package totalling a handy $5.1 million in the year to June, up from $2.8 million a year earlier. As well, the board decided that after a three year freeze on his base-pay, the board has agreed to a 3 per cent rise. Between them the top nine executives pocketed $21.7 million, up from $16.4 million a year earlier.

Some of the info is available from Generous Pay Rise for BlueScope execs.

This is for BlueScope Shareholders:

BlueScope shares plunged more than 12 per cent today after the steelmaker posted a sharply lower year to June net loss of $84.1 million as redundancy and restructuring charges declined. That compares to its $1.04 billion loss in 2011-12.
BlueScope shares were 12.6 per cent lower at $4.79 in afternoon trade.
The reason for a $109.2 million spend is..... well for one they picked up two steel businesses for the price of less than one. Maybe the purchase will yield results, especially when they control one more rollformer for their BlueScope product.

Who knows what September the 7th will bring?

I was going to place a photo of Paul O'Malley and an Australian Prime Minister here, but all I could find was photos of Paul in Asia and USA. Well at least they are making profit over there. How long before BlueScope is listed on an Asian stock exchange?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Roofing Close Shave.

Roofing is normally safe apart from this:

Meteorite Smashes through Roof, Hits Napping Woman
Submitted by tonyp on Fri, 11/30/2012 - 09:40
It seemed like a perfectly ordinary Tuesday in Sylacauga, Alabama, on Nov. 30, 1954. Ann Hodges, a 31-year-old housewife, was comfortably stretched out on the couch in her home, taking a mid-afternoon nap. Suddenly there was a sharp explosion in the sky, a bright flash, and a large, mushrooming cloud. People were startled as far away as Georgia and Mississippi.
It is safe to say, however, that no one was more startled than the sleeping Mrs. Hodges—for suddenly, with a deafening crash, a nine-pound meteorite smashed through her roof, bounced off the wooden radio at the foot of her couch, and rammed into her. She received severe bruising on her hip and arm and had to be hospitalized, both for the pain and because of slight shock.
The story became big news all around the world, as this is the only documented instance of a person being injured by an extraterrestrial object. The Air Force confiscated the meteorite for study, but the Hodges began a legal fight to recover it because they received numerous offers from museums and universities, one reportedly as high as $5,000. It took a year for the Hodges to get their valuable meteorite back—but by then interest had waned, and Mrs. Hodges ended up donating it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.
The following newspaper articles give an indication of the strong press interest in this matter. Some writers took a serious approach to this topic—but several, as you will see, made fun of the incident.
This copyrighted article was published by the Dallas Morning News (Dallas, Texas) on Dec. 1, 1954
This is what I call a close shave and it was back in 1954 and was reported in many newspapers then before Twitter was even a word. 

Now, as an Australian citizen, we have bigger news of a close shave of the new  Prime Minister who only a few days earlier stated this:
 "The time has come for us to adjust to the new challenges. New challenges in productivity; new challenges also in the diversification of our economy; new opportunities for what we do with ­processed foods and agriculture, in the services sector and also in manufacturing."
The Prime Minister of Australia is going to help us adjust to the new challenges of manufacturing and the group of MPs met Manufacturing Australia to discuss the impact of high gas prices. Manufacturing Australia is pushing for policies such as a national interest test for gas exports and reserving gas for domestic market use to be introduced. In addition, MPs from regional seats are concerned about factory closures and job losses within the food processing sector.

As I follow and am on Twitter, this came out today through other media outlets and it is embarrassing that the The Prime Minister of any country would post this on his or her Twitter Account:
The Australian Prime Minister and his close Shave???
 I cannot comprehend the reason for this TWEET or TWIT even considering taking a photo of himself after cutting his high cheek shaving and then letting the world know about it. Embarrassing - YES.

Even to take a photo of yourself in your own bathroom is just amazing. The Prime Minister takes photos of himself in his bathroom when he is by himself. Good Grief, what else is going to come out on his Twitter feed?

Imagine this person is trying to solve the problems of the manufacturing industry and arrives to seek what needs to be done at your job site, factory or office etc, and after seeing this effort of his mornings shaving shown to the world how seriously do you take him. I'm Kevin and I'm here to help.

Other world leaders that may do this, I don't think so:

  • Putin tweeting picking pimples.
  • Cameron tweeting picking his nose.
  • Angela Dorothea Merkel tweeting a ladder in her stocking.
  • Obama tweeting eating earwax.
This is probably the worst behaviour of a sitting Prime Minister in Australia since Malcolm Fraser was caught with his pants down in an entry of a hotel.

How will manufacturing succeed with this sort of rubbish going on?

Can anyone suggest how to fix this political joke in Australia at the moment?

UPDATE: I am behind the times as a roofer on media updates - but apparently it was posted on Instagram also. Who cares? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Roofing & Rollforming Outlook in 2013 2014.

Believe it or not ?
Construction & Industry in DANGER.

HIA starts the ball rolling with a great new website that all manufacturers, industry, builders, labourers, construction firms and the public should get behind. This is in relation to the current state of the economy, which apparently is JUST fine according to our politicians.


  1. This year, we'll build 25,000 less homes than we did a decade ago.
  2. Building and construction contracted every month for the last 34 months.
  3. Over 1 million Australian workers in the building and construction watch helplessly as building keeps falling, knowing their jobs are at risk.
  4. Severe drops in new housing have forced many manufacturing and small businesses to close with risks of extensive layoffs if the outlook does not improve.
  5. Taxes, levies, fees and charges account for 40% of the cost of building a new home.
  6. Australia will need 1.3 million new homes built by 2020. If the industry remains depressed, more than 150,000 families will miss out on a new home they've waited for.
The roofing and rollforming industry relies totally on construction, building and infrastructure to survive. The market is getting to a point where it is becoming critical. Politicians have to realise that all the current policies like NBN, Gonski, NDS, Carbon Tax, etc etc etc are costing the average Australian too much money. The politicians have to realise that the industries above are the backbone of the Australian economy and lifestyle. 

Get behind this new website that allows you to send an email to your local pollie and tell them you are not happy and want a reply.

Here's the website:
HIA - The Cold Hard Facts. Click on this to register your support.
For those in the rollforming, manufacturing, roofing and construction industry consider this future forecast by Master Builders:

NSW, QLD, WA and NT are the place you should go.
This is the building & construction confidence at the moment.
Amazing how everything collapsed prior to the GFC?
The construction industry workforce has shrunk by almost 29,332 over the three months from February to May 2013 according to the ABS.

Enough is enough, get onto HIA's new website HERE, and register your support. Tweet it, Facebook it, email it, blog it etc until these politicians realise that we mean business.

Update for July 2013.

  1. Hills sold Bailey Ladders but not Fielders or Orrcon.
  2. One Steel in for changes and consolidation by Arrium.
  3. BlueScope approach the $5.00 mark, and look to improve.
  4. Fletchers shares well above the $7.00 mark today.
The one fact above with HIA's new website, is this:

Taxes, levies, fees and charges account for 40% of the cost of building a new home.

This is paying for all the politicians huge wage packages, the government department employees to manage the legislation, pay the Ministers and the PM to fly all over the world and pay the Carbon Tax which has lead to increases in some manufacturing electricity bills of over 100%.

Let's protest through this new platform provided by the HIA and it's great new website.
Click and tell the politicians in your area to listen.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Innovation Extreme

Construction Ideas could boost the Economy.

It's a new hotel with a $586 million price tag to build. Not too bad when compared to Australia and even better when you see the photos. Innovation and ideas like this are the type of developments that are possible in Australia right now.

Designed by UK company Atkins, there will be 380 rooms over 19 storeys. Two levels will be underwater and will have an aquarium looking out onto an underwater restaurant and guest rooms.
The top of the hotel just pokes above the mountain, by 15 meters. The front will be visible, and the rest will be built into the mountain side.

The InterContinental Shimao Hotel story is here.

Fairly impressive structure and no doubt will be a draw card for tourists.

But this next project that was presented to Sydney to solve it's traffic problems has virtually been ignored.

Here's some images of the designs that have been offered FREE to Sydney. Aspire intends to grab all the railways property, put the trains underground, roads on top and build new train stations etc, but they will want the space above any of this area.

The employment generated by such a project (estimated two plus years) would be a huge boost to NSW.

The ASPIRE REPORT HERE. The report details partners, costs, building methods etc and currently no government could afford to undertake such a project. No doubt, beaurocracy will knock this on the head before it even gets to the people. The fill from the tunnels will be used to extend the Botany runway airfield strip.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

CASH for Roofing & Rollforming

Rollforming, Roofing & Politics.

What an amazing week in politics.

Day 1 (Wednesday).
Rudd beats Gillard in ballot for PM. On Wednesday night Kevin gives manufacturing hope:

Rudd says ''new opportunities for what we do with processed foods and agriculture, in the services sector, and also in manufacturing … There's a big future for Australian manufacturing under this government.''
"We've been natural partners in the past and we can be again in the future. I intend to lead a government that brings people together and gets the best out of them.'' Rudd.
Good grief - give me a break, don't intend - just do it.

Day 2. (Thursday)

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has already broken last night's pledge to 'work closely with Australia's business community' by today ignoring employers and proceeding with three government anti-business, pro-union legislative changes, says resource industry employer group AMMA

And here's a video of Senator Cash in the Senate explaining why nothing has changed.

Get up them Michaelia?

This was the 3 and 1/2 minutes allowed in the Senate to debate this bill described above.


Please listen to the absolute dedication to business, manufacturing and the people that Senator Michaelia Cash displayed here on Thursday last week. 

Michaelia Cash for Prime Minister


So start consulting from day 1, not saying it once and then forgetting all about it. 

Day 3. (Friday)

And here PM Rudd says the resigning Minister for Manufacturing and everything else after Emerson:
"The Prime Minister said that Mr Combet has made an extraordinary contribution to the Australian Parliament and the Climate Change Portfolio in particular,"
What about bloody manufacturing PM RUDD? Over the last five years under Rudd and Gillard, 134,000 jobs have been lost in manufacturing and the industry has shrunk to a minor player in contribution to GDP. Construction industry has shrunk again over the last quarter, the cost of living has increased again, the price of electricity has risen again (but the coal power stations still produce at about 4 cents kWh), business is sick of the lies and the spin by governments. YOU Mr. K. Rudd have to see us at work, not with words, Twitter or MyFace - or what ever you use. VISIT US and tell us our new Minister of Manufacturing. We make things with people and machinery, we work hard and long, and take very little home everyday. You and the members of parliament have to start understanding the nature of manufacturing and the hardships we have faced over the last 7 years, don't put your head in the sand. The new minister would be welcome to contact me and I will place his polices on this website. The same applies to the Coalition shadow Minister also.

DAY 4 & 5. (Weekend)

Nothing except the announcement of a new ministry of fools on Monday morning. As for the rest of them, they are just waiting for their highly paid retirement benefits to arrive in their bank accounts.

And Rudd PM will be on Sunrise TV show tomorrow to announce more news? Talk to the businesses involved in rollforming and roofing Kevin, not the people watching SUNRISE at 8 o'clock or whatever time. We're normally at work at 6 or 7am, get to the building sites and have smoko with us, there is no TV there.


  1. Go and see some rollforming manufacturers, like Stramit, Fielders, Lysaght, Apex, Stratco, Steeline, Revolution, and the hundreds of other independent rollformers.
  2. Go and visit the roofing contractors that install the roofing for builders and home owners.
  3. Ask questions on their increase in bills like power, payroll, wages, product, transport etc
  4. Ask about all the bloody RED TAPE in even running a business.
  5. Talk to employees about how they feel on security of jobs over the last 7 years or so.
  6. Actually digest the complaints of people in manufacturing.
  7. Watch the Michaelia Cash video to find the true compassion pollies should have for industry.
  8. STOP spending our money on useless government departments.
  9. Start saving our money instead of jetting all over the world.
  10. Don't ask Union leaders, they don't work hard at anything except filling their wallet.
  11. And lastly - just tell us the truth for once.
And I'll finish on a good note:


Check out these pictures of the LNG tank at Gladstone.
"The complexity of the roof raise is in itself a construction feat, with 1050 tonnes of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials lifted into place by low air volume created by fans in a principle not dissimilar to blowing up a camping air bed."
Nearly there

At the Start.
Link about this project here.

Fantastic result as Australia Pacific's huge LNG project raises the roof

Good Grief - Day 6 tomorrow?
But a normal day for us Prime Minister, bloody hard.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Roofing Politics June 2013

Rollforming and Manufacturing in Australia June 2013.
Construction Industry in Downturn.
Government in a Mess.
Politicians support Manufacturing - as long as its a CAR.
How much can this Industry take?

I don't know which heading to use, so I included all of the above. The state of business and manufacturing confidence is at an all time low. The facts prove this as follows:

Here is the Manufacturing %GDP in Australia:

Manufacturing % of GDP Australia
Now here is the Government Expenditure as % GDP Australia:

Government Expenditure as % GDP Australia
 Now more bad news,

"Australia's construction sector has now spent three full years in decline, and there are few signs the beleaguered industry's fortunes will change any time soon." 

The Australian Industry Group/Housing Industry Association Australian Performance of Construction Index (PCI) shows the sector contracted for the 36th consecutive month in May.
Ai Group director of public policy Peter Burn said housing and commercial construction remained weak while the sector was also suffering due to declining mining investment.
He said low interest rate cuts had not revived the sector.
'Successive cuts in interest rates by the Reserve Bank have been welcome, but, so far, they appear only to have steadied the decline in building activity,' he said.
The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the cash rate to a record low of 2.75 per cent in May.
Housing Industry Association chief economist Harley Dale said there was no sign a sustainable recovery was on its way for the sector.
'The balance of risks points to a modest increase in building activity in 2012/13, followed by a subsequent pull-back next year,' he said.
'That's hardly the desirable result for the tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of people who rely on new home building for their livelihood.'
The PCI rose 0.1 points to an index level of 35.3 in May.
An index reading of below 50 indicates a contraction in the sector and the lower the reading, the greater the speed of the decline in the month.

What is really happening? Well the Government is spending like mad, giving billions of dollars to industries that are closing and can't compete on the international stage like Holden and Ford. They throw millions at around 2,000 job loses, while basic small business is shedding 10,000 for each 100 in the unionised industry. What's the agenda? Fairly simple really, you're either part of the Union and ALP or NOT. Take it or leave it. This is the biggest lose, lose situation ever in Australia's history.

Also they are giving billions to solar and wind turbine industries which are driving up the cost of electricity especially in states like South Australia. It has to stop and economic growth is the only alternative for construction, manufacturing and contractors.

Updates for June:

1. Auction for Fielders stuff cancelled - WHY?

Auction cancelled?
Why would this happen, is someone buying Fielders and don't want the equipment on the market, or more likely that there are no interested parties. Who is after Fielders at the moment? Fletchers? BlueScope? or maybe a another rollformer. APEX or Metroll. With no offers at near the $30 million, this company is a steal, and will be sold at probably a lot less than this.

2. BlueScope announce winner

For a trip to Italy today after spending $100 million on next generation Zincalume. The winner is:

Patrick Hayes of New Farm in Queensland. Well done Patrick.
He has just won 1st prize:
The first prize winner gets a trip for two to the Venice Biennale, valued at approximately $10,000.
Five 2nd prize winners will receive a 16GB iPad, each valued at $679.
Third prize is one of 125 tickets to the BlueScope Steel Business Lounge located at the conference, each valued at $135.
Fourth prize is one of 125 Staedtler architects' mechanical pencils, each valued at $30.
I entered but didn't even win a pencil.

3. The coldest workshop in the world?

Here it is, not rollforming or roofing - but looks terrible, that's snow on the train carriages behind the chap grinding.
Snow, cold, where are the solar panels?
This is a good read on the Steel Guru site "Yamal Peninsula Railway Line"  regarding railways in the coldest area on earth.

The September election may bring some good news to the construction and manufacturing industries, but it's going to mean that the new government cannot accept manufacturing and green energy can exist together. This industry has to be told which way they are going to go now.


Kevin Rudd tells all the other ALP MP's to pull their head in.
Mark Latham calls Kevin Rudd a lunatic.
Julia Gillards spin doctor John McTernan applies for another job with 2GB radio man Ben Fordham.

That's just a start, I am totally fed up with politics, and to think we have less than 99 days to go brings no joy, IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Roofing in MAY 2013.

Roofing May 2013.

To start with a report submitted called the Pre-Budget Submission by the Master Builders Association of Victoria included this recommendation in January:

Recommendation 9:  Master Builders calls on the State Government to end a monopoly by plumbers to fit metal roofs rather than allow builders to install metal roofs.
This regulation varies between states, and I find it odd that it is in this report. A builder with an open licence in QLD or NT can actually install a metal roof I think. Confused? Yes - so is everyone else and isn't it time we had an Australian standard for metal roof installation along with just about every other trade in this industry. Construction and Manufacturing are about the most confusing and over regulated bodies in Australia today. Imagine the companies operating on state and local borders.

The earlier announcement of the $1 Billion Manufacturing Plan is a joke. This is a government money payout for jobs for the boys & girls - plus industry will have to fork out millions to to keep up with the regulations. Wayne just gave $7 Billion to bail out IMF EU countries from being stupid economically. That alone is about $1,200 per person.

And now to Paul Howes AWU and the Unions:
Here is the stats from 2007 on:
This is days lost per 100 employees due to industrial disputes?
So every 83 out of 100 employees lost a days wages because of disputes? As long as you're in the UNION itself, all these people lost wages due to industrial disputes plus putting companies in the construction and manufacturing industry at risk.

Have a look at the construction job decline in Australia:
Change in number of Construction Jobs in the 12 months to Nov 2012.
WA and NT are sweet, but the rest are not good. How is this decline justified as overall Australia has declined? Why are shed, roofing companies etc falling over every month, Fielders up for sale, furnaces being shut down, and people being unemployed.

The theory by experts is that everything has to become robotic: Like this video of a robot packaging stuff (batteries) by picking, packing and wrapping. Is this the future?

What is the future of metal roofing, just a few new profiles, new easier installation methods or just more of the same. Is the future in composite panels, insulation combined with ceiling and roof as per the Bondor style, is it solar integrated roof sheets, green roofing or maybe back to basics (like timber shingles) through huge costs of power to manufacturing.

Latest ASX Reports on the three big ones.




These charts are all compliments of TBF a stock market website. The others are just reports coming in from The Roofers QLD, NSW and WA on how the following are going:

Metroll: Stable - doing well in QLD
Stratco: Steady - Big Red Boxes going well everywhere
Steeline: Steady
Apex: Also picking up in QLD
Revolution: Steady in WA and SA.

Hills gave a presentation to Goldman Sachs Investment Conference today, and promptly lost 5 cents off the share price just today. Maybe they should concentrate on the business and less on presentation. But then again everyone was down today.

This is definitely not the answer for our industry:
Installation by who?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fielders Sold? Not Sold?

Hills will sell, Steel Business.

What's happening, is it Asia buying, is it New Zealand Buying or Australia buying?

Latest piece missed from our local newspaper - but now found:

Who's buying?
Update from various sources:

  1. Queensland Roofer: Asian buyer near for Fielders, nothing for Orrcon.
  2. NSW Roofer: Asian buyer for Fielder in 2014 January.
  3. Victoria Roofer: Australian buyer for Fielders, no buyer for Orrcon.
  4. SA Roofer: No buyer for Fielders or Orrcon.
  5. WA Roofer: They don't care who buys either Fielders or Orrcon - too busy selling stuff.
  6. NT Roofer: Reckons Fielders will go to an Asian buyer - but very restricted???
  7. ACT Roofer: Fielders and Orrcon both No Sale!
I can't see Fletchers buying either Orrcon or Fielders. CSR is a no go currently, with their own tile roofing business suffering under the reduced construction figures. Plus the mining construction does not suit the transportable building industry in WA, NT and QLD. Maybe a chance and should contact Tom Waterhouse for online betting?

My bet is a sale of Fielders in early 2014 (January) to an Asian company if only anti dumping duty is eliminated. Who knows?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Manufacturing still driving Jobs?

Rollforming and Roofing Disagree?

The article in The Australian on Thursday 19th April 2013 had the right content, but a shocking title. The article starts of with this comment:
In the economic workhorse region of western Sydney, blue collar jobs for men continue to rise at a faster rate than any other.
Then they continue with this:
The rise of those jobs, however, is set against the backdrop of a downturn in the manufacturing sector where metal engineering process workers and welding jobs are falling away.
The data provided is below and I'll get around to to the mistake in the headline:
Data from ABS KPMG Page 25.
 This is the data that produced the headline "Manufacturing still driving jobs":

  1. So an increase of forklift drivers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  2. A loss of metal engineering process workers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  3. A loss of toolmakers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  4. A loss of product assemblers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  5. A loss of fitters constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
How can an increase of forklift drivers even remotely relate to their headline. I hope the two reporters didn't have anything to do with the Headline, because the whole content of the article is good. 

Also I want to know what ICT project managers and ICS customer support officers manufacture?


Big things on the drawing board for construction (both residential and commercial) in the last quarter of 2013. If the majority of rollformers, shed guys, patio people, fabricators, builders, roofers etc can hang on until then - it will be a very good 2014. 

The Red and Green Tape, the increase power costs, the work place relation problems and the general confidence level is very low at the current time, but there is a light on the horizon for the construction and manufacturing industry. 

Very old video - but good article on cold rollformed coil by Corus. How long before Australia has no coil manufacturers?

A big sale of one of  the rollformers seems to be getting closer. 

Which CEO/MD etc of a rollforming comapany is close to resigning in the next 4 weeks?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Royal Roof - fullføre

The Royal Roof is finished.

Just a quick update on the fixing of the Royal Roof at the Palace at Oslo in Norway.
It seems to be finished, and the only update is from a post by Ric Garrido on holidays on March 18th 2013 here: "The Kings Royal Guards in Oslo".

Royal Roof in March 2013
No scaffolding, all finished for $20 million. Not bad value really considering "The Lodge" has used more than that in just consulting on how to fix the roof.  I hope my Norwegian translation for "complete" is correct above - fullføre

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roofing screwed?

Roofing Test In NZ causing some upsets?

What would cause problems within the fastener industry in relation to fixing of roof sheets?
Well the group called NZMRM have been conducting a test of various products and materials in real life situations to measure their resistance to corrosion.

NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc
This site (click the logo above) started a Corrosion test in 2012. But seems there are problems already.
I can't see why there would be as this seems a fairly independent test outside the manufacturers reach.

It's quite a large article with lots of parameters mentioned in the guide and all the test locations are real buildings, sheds, mine sites and even a bank. The project team are all named below:

Members of the project team were:

Stuart Hayman Manager
Stuart Thomson Designer
Alistair Fleming Planner
Rod Newbold Procurement
Ross Simpson Installation

All these people are respected in the industry. There seems to be a of transparency with this group, yet the underlying rumors are that some of the industries involved aren't that happy? And the other rumor is that these companies are Australian based.

What's going on? Why hasn't Australia got an affiliated industry body like this NZMRM group?

Word is out that some of the so called industry bodies in Australia are going to be shut, and taken over by the appropriate  government or regulatory bodies. Any guesses people?

Below is a mix of letters that contain the 1st group to be dissolved:
The answer could be here?

Great reading in the NZMRM website:


The New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association Inc (NZMRM) represents those companies that roll-form steel and other metals for roofing and cladding purposes. Commonly known as "Rollformers" there are 30 of these companies who are members of NZMRM. Members are involved in producing a wide range of profiled product, both painted and unpainted. The association is also active in the development and promotion of industry Standards and in conducting research that promotes the use of metal roofing and cladding.
The NZMRM was originally formed through the efforts of a small group of manufacturers who met in 1966 to form theNew Zealand Metal Rollformers Association Inc. Since then the Association has gone through five name changes and has actively contributed to many changes and developments within the industry. The NZMRM provides its members with guidelines to ensure that the products and services they offer meet the Standards required to fulfill codes of compliance, warranty, and durability.
One notable achievement has been the compilation of the NZMRM Code of Practice which has become a valuable reference document for Territorial Authorities and roofing companies.
In 1981, the NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc. printed the Profiled Metal Roofing Design and Installation Handbook, which set a benchmark for best practice in metal roofing and cladding installation. The handbook was then updated several times, with the most recent update being in 1995.
Two years ago, the group decided to review the Handbook and re-publish it as a Code of Practice. This document is currently before The Department of Building & Housing (formerly the Building Industry Authority (BIA) for possible classification as an acceptable solution to the NZ Building Code.
NZMRM also works closely with other associated industry groups, such as the Roofing Association of New Zealand(RANZ) and the Cladding Institute of New Zealand (CINZ).

Friday, April 5, 2013

Roofing, Rollforming Media release.

New Rollforming ........ Website released (unofficial).

This is difficult to release as I have only been given a TWITTER URL address:- but not been given the website address? Is it all about publicity? Well Yes, but on the Twitter site you can access the website. I cannot find it anywhere else on Google, Yaahoo etc... but go here as per below:

This is it......?
And here is the link to the Twitter Site. If you are a member of Twitter, you can then go to this site and click on the logo. It will then take you to the twitter page of Metal Rollforming. In this site of Twitter is the website link - you can only get to it through this page.

But basically it is "The Metal Rollforming Expo" coming to Australia this year in September in Queensland. The Roofer will be a special guest that has been allocated a Booth within the Expo (The Metal Rollforming Expo) that is a 3 X 3 meter area to promote The Roofer.

Below is a preview of what I am planning for my Booth in this event: So I decided to run through on how "The Roofer" could do a presentation at an event like this.

Here it is:

1. Pollie 1?
Won't get anyone to my booth? Scrub this one.
2. Pollie 2?
Getting better - but NO - I would look like a fool.
3. In Disguise?
Nup? No way - but funny.

4. In Disguise as someone else?
Yup! Getting really close.
5. This is "The Roofer" at the Expo.
This is it - The Roofer will appear at the EXPO. Notice the R?
Won't be able to post much online as I've got to slim down to fit in this tight outfit (great colour though).

If you can't link to the new site, contact me below. But have tested this a quite a few times and it works.

Last point I have is an offer that has been given to me, the first two emails to contact "The Metal Rollforming Expo Site" and give the CODE below, order tickets to attend, will receive a free 3 day pass.

PLUS all readers of "The Roofer" BLOG will receive a discount off the purchase price for attending, only if you send the following code in an email to the website contact address, quoting this exclusive CODE: The Phantom Roofer.

This event being held in Oz is a first, and with all the big manufacturers of rollforming equipment attending, rollformers, roofing contractors, builders, insulation suppliers, fastener experts, architects, construction companies and engineers etc etc - it will be a great 3 days for all in the industry to communicate, investigate  and share innovations and advancement of the biggest manufacturing EXPO seen in Australia. (They made me say that $$$$).

Lastly is one clue to where it may be held:
Maybe here - I'm not sure?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Roofing over Easter

Roofing & Rollforming for April

BlueScope Update:

Well it been busy for BlueScope on their website "Next generation ZINCALUMEand seemed to have done a really good revamp with heaps more information in all areas plus technical info, warranty lengths, sustainability, compliance, specifications and resource links. Well done BlueScope on this change in introducing a great new product that utilises less raw materials but with an extended lifespan.

And here is the new warranty schedule:

Warranties for next generation ZINCALUME® steel AM125
ApplicationWarranty periodIncrease
Roofing located 100 to 200 metres from severe marine influencesUp to 10 yearsNew
Roofing located 400 to 600 metres from severe marine influencesUp to 20 years33%
Roofing located 600 to 1000 metres from severe marine influencesUp to 25 years25%
Roofing located 1000 to 5000 metres from severe marine influencesUp to 30 years20%
Roofing located greater than 5000 metres from severe marine influencesUp to 36 years20%

And now for Fielders Steel:

This is definitely on the market and a buyer is close whether from Australia or Overseas. Mr. Pretty is continuing down the path he outlined nearly at the beginning of his appointment.
Here Mr. Pretty outlines his plan for the manufacturing side of Hills:
Mr. Pretty at Hills HQ.
Here in the Adelaide Now Newspaper:
Mr Pretty said there was considerable interest in both Fielders and Orrcon, including an Australian and an overseas company each keen on buying both firms.
Won't be long for Fielders to be sold, but Orrcon may take a little longer. Latest rumour is Asian buyer for Fielders just today, when I thought it could only have been Australian. Doesn't matter, it going to be sold sooner than later. With Centenary, Aramax and Endurance it will be a reasonable buy providing the price is right for both parties. Interesting times ahead.

Now biggest house being built in Australia:

And Fielders Adelaide have picked up the roof for this monster. Well done. The structure they call a house is amazing:
Fielders adding the roof to this monster.

Go to Home of the Rich website to see the full size pictures. Apparently the roof is standing seam, but there looks like quite a few dome and curved areas in this one. Someone asked the question "Why would you only have 5 bathrooms in a house this big?".

But this is NOT the biggest House in the world - THIS IS:

Biggest House in the world.
The Biggest House in the world site is here. It's the Istana Nurul Iman Palace of the Sultan of Brunei.
Here's some facts on the joint they call home:
The palace was built in 1984 at a cost of around $1.4 billion USD and has 564 chandeliers, 51,000 light bulbs, 44 stairwells, and 18 elevators. It is also a home to a car collection that includes custom-made Ferraris and Bentleys as well as 165 Rolls-Royce's. It contains 1,788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, and a floor area of 2,152,782 square feet (200,000 m²). Amenities include 5 swimming pools, and an air conditioned stable for the Sultan’s 200 polo ponies, a 110-car garage, a banquet hall that can be expanded to accommodate up to 4,000 guests, and a mosque accommodating 1,500 people.

A 110 car garage, 257 bathrooms - makes the Adelaide one look like the old outhouse.

Now back to Fielders: On Twitter they posted this:
38,000m2 of RF55 1.0mm will be supplied to Fusionpolis in Singapore, two prestigious skyscrapers. See concept here:

And this is the photo:

Fusionopolis - Singapore.
Is this being manufactured in Australia? I doubt it, shipping would kill the operation. Is there a mobile mill in Singapore? Is Fielders Singapore sister company doing this and not Fielders Australia? Is this the new buyer in Australia for Fielders? Here's a photo of Fusionopolis in 2007 - nearly 6 years ago and this is being announced now?

And Fielders are supplying 38,000 sq meters of RF55 for this building. More info please Mr. Pretty.

Happy Easter everyone. Thanks to all the regular readers, commenter's etc.

Also a New Website to be released on Tuesday - exciting information coming shortly.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rollforming Kindergarten Style?

New Self Sealing Activate Technology.

This is the new website for the release of Zincalume Activate Technology. The next generation in coatings for roofing material to be released in mid 2013. This is good R&D by BlueScope to keep pace with changing conditions and demands. What gets me is the childish way the product has been presented:

This is the main header for the new Zincalume Activate Technology?
This is amazing - after receiving the link to this new coating of Zincalume - this is what I got. Are BlueScope treating builders, engineers, specifiers, roofing contractors, architects and rollformers with such contempt they give us a Grade 1 drawing. (not bad for Grade 1 pupils).

But it gets worse, I look to the environmental footprint page and this is what I get:
Carbon footprint????
Swings, a slippery slide, a tree, grass, clouds, birds the planet earth, the sun, some humans and one dig! Give me a break - BlueScope get this back to the designers and give me some info on the lifecycle analysis of the new coating compared to the old coating. Some details on the reflection measurements.

I start going through the other TABS on the website and give up. This is the worst release of a good product I have ever seen.

Please Mr. O'Malley - get rid of this garbage and make them start again. Can you see the problem.

Oh! Forgot - all the video links are excellent - but they are not on YouTube so I can't paste them here. The copy of the video by the architects is outstanding - make this your feature.

I'll finish off with your logistics map of Australia:
This is Australia?
I'll leave to you to decide on this brand new release of a coating of Zincalume called Self sealing Activate Technology.