Friday, August 23, 2013

Steel industry Australia gets nothing from $137 million contract at Manus Island.

Rollforming in Australia gets nothing.
PNG gets nothing either.

The two facts below are in relation to the new Manus Island detention, resettlement resort for new visitors coming to Australia by boat.

  1. Red Sea Housing is building housing at the existing processing centre on Manus Island as the Australian Government seeks to rapidly increase its capacity.
  2. Australian company Decmil has been given a $A137 million contract to build a new processing centre in the island's capital, Lorengau

So why is this important, well first you have to look at the construction of the housing at the existing processing centre on Manus Island as shown here on VIDEO by the Immigration Australia website. Here's a clip from the video at about 1.04 minutes showing the portal frame section, looks like aluminium to me. 
Aluminium or Steel section from Australia?
The second clip is from this PHOTO of the finished cladding on the same website. Also have a look at the photos for this plastic covered aluminium framed accommodation unit, not exactly cyclone safe.  
Plastic Fabric possibly, but definitely not steel.
So the main thing is there appears to be two contracts out, one to Decmil to build a 600 bed facility for $137 million, and another to Red Sea Housing at the existing centre to increase it's capacity for whatever cost who would know. The other problem is it seems no PNG companies have been given the opportunity to tender for these contracts as shown here on the ABC VIDEO.  Red Sea Housing is a Saudi Arabian firm that has done mining camps all over the world and also in PNG. Decmil or the Government have to come clean about the supply of the building materials in these contracts. Seems Australian and Papua New Guinean firms have both been excluded. Fair, definitely NO.
So the reason of this whole exercise is there is no compulsion by the government to ensure that Australian firms have a chance to tender on this with Decmil or Tony Burke. Has anyone had supplies go to this company or Red Sea Housing?

The Roofers Solution saving $110 Million.
For $137 million plus, whatever is being spent on Manus Island, here is a solution that would save more than $110 million dollars and give the asylum seekers luxury that could be sent anywhere at any time, maybe to Saudi Arabia to collect asylum seekers at the same time.
This little 1,550 accommodation capable package is currently for sale at only $27 million.
Save over $110 million on the current contract. Comes with Massage Spa Section?
Here's the details on the bargain solution for the MSC MELODY - your luxury guaranteed.
What really will cause problems is that small, medium and large rollforming industries will get nothing out of any of the above solutions.
But the government can guarantee that the new arrivals will be entertained:
What a blast.

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