Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Roofing Close Shave.

Roofing is normally safe apart from this:

Meteorite Smashes through Roof, Hits Napping Woman
Submitted by tonyp on Fri, 11/30/2012 - 09:40
It seemed like a perfectly ordinary Tuesday in Sylacauga, Alabama, on Nov. 30, 1954. Ann Hodges, a 31-year-old housewife, was comfortably stretched out on the couch in her home, taking a mid-afternoon nap. Suddenly there was a sharp explosion in the sky, a bright flash, and a large, mushrooming cloud. People were startled as far away as Georgia and Mississippi.
It is safe to say, however, that no one was more startled than the sleeping Mrs. Hodges—for suddenly, with a deafening crash, a nine-pound meteorite smashed through her roof, bounced off the wooden radio at the foot of her couch, and rammed into her. She received severe bruising on her hip and arm and had to be hospitalized, both for the pain and because of slight shock.
The story became big news all around the world, as this is the only documented instance of a person being injured by an extraterrestrial object. The Air Force confiscated the meteorite for study, but the Hodges began a legal fight to recover it because they received numerous offers from museums and universities, one reportedly as high as $5,000. It took a year for the Hodges to get their valuable meteorite back—but by then interest had waned, and Mrs. Hodges ended up donating it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.
The following newspaper articles give an indication of the strong press interest in this matter. Some writers took a serious approach to this topic—but several, as you will see, made fun of the incident.
This copyrighted article was published by the Dallas Morning News (Dallas, Texas) on Dec. 1, 1954
This is what I call a close shave and it was back in 1954 and was reported in many newspapers then before Twitter was even a word. 

Now, as an Australian citizen, we have bigger news of a close shave of the new  Prime Minister who only a few days earlier stated this:
 "The time has come for us to adjust to the new challenges. New challenges in productivity; new challenges also in the diversification of our economy; new opportunities for what we do with ­processed foods and agriculture, in the services sector and also in manufacturing."
The Prime Minister of Australia is going to help us adjust to the new challenges of manufacturing and the group of MPs met Manufacturing Australia to discuss the impact of high gas prices. Manufacturing Australia is pushing for policies such as a national interest test for gas exports and reserving gas for domestic market use to be introduced. In addition, MPs from regional seats are concerned about factory closures and job losses within the food processing sector.

As I follow and am on Twitter, this came out today through other media outlets and it is embarrassing that the The Prime Minister of any country would post this on his or her Twitter Account:
The Australian Prime Minister and his close Shave???
 I cannot comprehend the reason for this TWEET or TWIT even considering taking a photo of himself after cutting his high cheek shaving and then letting the world know about it. Embarrassing - YES.

Even to take a photo of yourself in your own bathroom is just amazing. The Prime Minister takes photos of himself in his bathroom when he is by himself. Good Grief, what else is going to come out on his Twitter feed?

Imagine this person is trying to solve the problems of the manufacturing industry and arrives to seek what needs to be done at your job site, factory or office etc, and after seeing this effort of his mornings shaving shown to the world how seriously do you take him. I'm Kevin and I'm here to help.

Other world leaders that may do this, I don't think so:

  • Putin tweeting picking pimples.
  • Cameron tweeting picking his nose.
  • Angela Dorothea Merkel tweeting a ladder in her stocking.
  • Obama tweeting eating earwax.
This is probably the worst behaviour of a sitting Prime Minister in Australia since Malcolm Fraser was caught with his pants down in an entry of a hotel.

How will manufacturing succeed with this sort of rubbish going on?

Can anyone suggest how to fix this political joke in Australia at the moment?

UPDATE: I am behind the times as a roofer on media updates - but apparently it was posted on Instagram also. Who cares? 


  1. if he comes to our smoko room he is gone.

    how can he be pm

  2. While I don't disagree, I am sure that this appeals to many people today, and we may just have to put up with this type of self promotion.

    You can see it on all forms of media today, showing photos of themselves drunk, in compromising positions, stunts etc - you name it, the world has changed to this new self idolizing by media and popularity.

    It is promoting virtually anything goes on social media, as the example is now set.

    How does social media showing this type of garbage by the Prime Minister of Australia help manufacturing? It won't help the industry, but in the end it WILL gain votes unfortunately.

  3. There has been a major shift of public thinking into the 'everyone is famous' via twitter, instagram and facebook. Now if policy isn't sexy enough it doesn't get a look at. When the PM joins in with the self absorbed masses you do worry as to the direction IR and manufacturing will be taken.

  4. Speaking of Twitter and Facebook, has anyone seen Fielders' page lately? Yesterday they uploaded a photo of a Freeform project...