Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Innovation Extreme

Construction Ideas could boost the Economy.

It's a new hotel with a $586 million price tag to build. Not too bad when compared to Australia and even better when you see the photos. Innovation and ideas like this are the type of developments that are possible in Australia right now.

Designed by UK company Atkins, there will be 380 rooms over 19 storeys. Two levels will be underwater and will have an aquarium looking out onto an underwater restaurant and guest rooms.
The top of the hotel just pokes above the mountain, by 15 meters. The front will be visible, and the rest will be built into the mountain side.

The InterContinental Shimao Hotel story is here.

Fairly impressive structure and no doubt will be a draw card for tourists.

But this next project that was presented to Sydney to solve it's traffic problems has virtually been ignored.

Here's some images of the designs that have been offered FREE to Sydney. Aspire intends to grab all the railways property, put the trains underground, roads on top and build new train stations etc, but they will want the space above any of this area.

The employment generated by such a project (estimated two plus years) would be a huge boost to NSW.

The ASPIRE REPORT HERE. The report details partners, costs, building methods etc and currently no government could afford to undertake such a project. No doubt, beaurocracy will knock this on the head before it even gets to the people. The fill from the tunnels will be used to extend the Botany runway airfield strip.

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