Sunday, June 30, 2013

CASH for Roofing & Rollforming

Rollforming, Roofing & Politics.

What an amazing week in politics.

Day 1 (Wednesday).
Rudd beats Gillard in ballot for PM. On Wednesday night Kevin gives manufacturing hope:

Rudd says ''new opportunities for what we do with processed foods and agriculture, in the services sector, and also in manufacturing … There's a big future for Australian manufacturing under this government.''
"We've been natural partners in the past and we can be again in the future. I intend to lead a government that brings people together and gets the best out of them.'' Rudd.
Good grief - give me a break, don't intend - just do it.

Day 2. (Thursday)

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has already broken last night's pledge to 'work closely with Australia's business community' by today ignoring employers and proceeding with three government anti-business, pro-union legislative changes, says resource industry employer group AMMA

And here's a video of Senator Cash in the Senate explaining why nothing has changed.

Get up them Michaelia?

This was the 3 and 1/2 minutes allowed in the Senate to debate this bill described above.


Please listen to the absolute dedication to business, manufacturing and the people that Senator Michaelia Cash displayed here on Thursday last week. 

Michaelia Cash for Prime Minister


So start consulting from day 1, not saying it once and then forgetting all about it. 

Day 3. (Friday)

And here PM Rudd says the resigning Minister for Manufacturing and everything else after Emerson:
"The Prime Minister said that Mr Combet has made an extraordinary contribution to the Australian Parliament and the Climate Change Portfolio in particular,"
What about bloody manufacturing PM RUDD? Over the last five years under Rudd and Gillard, 134,000 jobs have been lost in manufacturing and the industry has shrunk to a minor player in contribution to GDP. Construction industry has shrunk again over the last quarter, the cost of living has increased again, the price of electricity has risen again (but the coal power stations still produce at about 4 cents kWh), business is sick of the lies and the spin by governments. YOU Mr. K. Rudd have to see us at work, not with words, Twitter or MyFace - or what ever you use. VISIT US and tell us our new Minister of Manufacturing. We make things with people and machinery, we work hard and long, and take very little home everyday. You and the members of parliament have to start understanding the nature of manufacturing and the hardships we have faced over the last 7 years, don't put your head in the sand. The new minister would be welcome to contact me and I will place his polices on this website. The same applies to the Coalition shadow Minister also.

DAY 4 & 5. (Weekend)

Nothing except the announcement of a new ministry of fools on Monday morning. As for the rest of them, they are just waiting for their highly paid retirement benefits to arrive in their bank accounts.

And Rudd PM will be on Sunrise TV show tomorrow to announce more news? Talk to the businesses involved in rollforming and roofing Kevin, not the people watching SUNRISE at 8 o'clock or whatever time. We're normally at work at 6 or 7am, get to the building sites and have smoko with us, there is no TV there.


  1. Go and see some rollforming manufacturers, like Stramit, Fielders, Lysaght, Apex, Stratco, Steeline, Revolution, and the hundreds of other independent rollformers.
  2. Go and visit the roofing contractors that install the roofing for builders and home owners.
  3. Ask questions on their increase in bills like power, payroll, wages, product, transport etc
  4. Ask about all the bloody RED TAPE in even running a business.
  5. Talk to employees about how they feel on security of jobs over the last 7 years or so.
  6. Actually digest the complaints of people in manufacturing.
  7. Watch the Michaelia Cash video to find the true compassion pollies should have for industry.
  8. STOP spending our money on useless government departments.
  9. Start saving our money instead of jetting all over the world.
  10. Don't ask Union leaders, they don't work hard at anything except filling their wallet.
  11. And lastly - just tell us the truth for once.
And I'll finish on a good note:


Check out these pictures of the LNG tank at Gladstone.
"The complexity of the roof raise is in itself a construction feat, with 1050 tonnes of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials lifted into place by low air volume created by fans in a principle not dissimilar to blowing up a camping air bed."
Nearly there

At the Start.
Link about this project here.

Fantastic result as Australia Pacific's huge LNG project raises the roof

Good Grief - Day 6 tomorrow?
But a normal day for us Prime Minister, bloody hard.

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