Thursday, May 16, 2013

Roofing in MAY 2013.

Roofing May 2013.

To start with a report submitted called the Pre-Budget Submission by the Master Builders Association of Victoria included this recommendation in January:

Recommendation 9:  Master Builders calls on the State Government to end a monopoly by plumbers to fit metal roofs rather than allow builders to install metal roofs.
This regulation varies between states, and I find it odd that it is in this report. A builder with an open licence in QLD or NT can actually install a metal roof I think. Confused? Yes - so is everyone else and isn't it time we had an Australian standard for metal roof installation along with just about every other trade in this industry. Construction and Manufacturing are about the most confusing and over regulated bodies in Australia today. Imagine the companies operating on state and local borders.

The earlier announcement of the $1 Billion Manufacturing Plan is a joke. This is a government money payout for jobs for the boys & girls - plus industry will have to fork out millions to to keep up with the regulations. Wayne just gave $7 Billion to bail out IMF EU countries from being stupid economically. That alone is about $1,200 per person.

And now to Paul Howes AWU and the Unions:
Here is the stats from 2007 on:
This is days lost per 100 employees due to industrial disputes?
So every 83 out of 100 employees lost a days wages because of disputes? As long as you're in the UNION itself, all these people lost wages due to industrial disputes plus putting companies in the construction and manufacturing industry at risk.

Have a look at the construction job decline in Australia:
Change in number of Construction Jobs in the 12 months to Nov 2012.
WA and NT are sweet, but the rest are not good. How is this decline justified as overall Australia has declined? Why are shed, roofing companies etc falling over every month, Fielders up for sale, furnaces being shut down, and people being unemployed.

The theory by experts is that everything has to become robotic: Like this video of a robot packaging stuff (batteries) by picking, packing and wrapping. Is this the future?

What is the future of metal roofing, just a few new profiles, new easier installation methods or just more of the same. Is the future in composite panels, insulation combined with ceiling and roof as per the Bondor style, is it solar integrated roof sheets, green roofing or maybe back to basics (like timber shingles) through huge costs of power to manufacturing.

Latest ASX Reports on the three big ones.




These charts are all compliments of TBF a stock market website. The others are just reports coming in from The Roofers QLD, NSW and WA on how the following are going:

Metroll: Stable - doing well in QLD
Stratco: Steady - Big Red Boxes going well everywhere
Steeline: Steady
Apex: Also picking up in QLD
Revolution: Steady in WA and SA.

Hills gave a presentation to Goldman Sachs Investment Conference today, and promptly lost 5 cents off the share price just today. Maybe they should concentrate on the business and less on presentation. But then again everyone was down today.

This is definitely not the answer for our industry:
Installation by who?


  1. bluescope cant wait to get rid of the unions in its business.

    1. BlueScope are not alone there, every business in the country wants to be rid of the union parasites

  2. Fielders are at it again five staff laid off this time in wa The branch manager in Bunbury ,two managers one supervisor and a welder from there Wangara branch.Nearly eighty years experience between then out the door.

    1. always on the cards, WA Fielders had enough staff to fill christmas island

    2. They also made all the money for the last ten years that kept fielders Australia afloat .If RD was still at the helm instead of some robots the place would still be making money .

  3. Above comment, if your statement is true how come RD couldn't help Revo's make any money in the west?

  4. If he was still at fielders revos would have never opened in the west he was the starting force .Remember when fielders tookover woodroffes he turned fielders into the number one rollformer in the state .Revos came in too late into an already saturated market ( stratco ,roofmart ,cmi ,fielders ,stramit ,bluescope ,bgc )

  5. he wasn't the driving force behind revo's starting in the west, it was starting with or without him

    1. He rallied the troops, all the investers in the west only put money in because of him all the staff followed him from fielders how was he not the driving force.