Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roofing screwed?

Roofing Test In NZ causing some upsets?

What would cause problems within the fastener industry in relation to fixing of roof sheets?
Well the group called NZMRM have been conducting a test of various products and materials in real life situations to measure their resistance to corrosion.

NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc
This site (click the logo above) started a Corrosion test in 2012. But seems there are problems already.
I can't see why there would be as this seems a fairly independent test outside the manufacturers reach.

It's quite a large article with lots of parameters mentioned in the guide and all the test locations are real buildings, sheds, mine sites and even a bank. The project team are all named below:

Members of the project team were:

Stuart Hayman Manager
Stuart Thomson Designer
Alistair Fleming Planner
Rod Newbold Procurement
Ross Simpson Installation

All these people are respected in the industry. There seems to be a of transparency with this group, yet the underlying rumors are that some of the industries involved aren't that happy? And the other rumor is that these companies are Australian based.

What's going on? Why hasn't Australia got an affiliated industry body like this NZMRM group?

Word is out that some of the so called industry bodies in Australia are going to be shut, and taken over by the appropriate  government or regulatory bodies. Any guesses people?

Below is a mix of letters that contain the 1st group to be dissolved:
The answer could be here?

Great reading in the NZMRM website:


The New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association Inc (NZMRM) represents those companies that roll-form steel and other metals for roofing and cladding purposes. Commonly known as "Rollformers" there are 30 of these companies who are members of NZMRM. Members are involved in producing a wide range of profiled product, both painted and unpainted. The association is also active in the development and promotion of industry Standards and in conducting research that promotes the use of metal roofing and cladding.
The NZMRM was originally formed through the efforts of a small group of manufacturers who met in 1966 to form theNew Zealand Metal Rollformers Association Inc. Since then the Association has gone through five name changes and has actively contributed to many changes and developments within the industry. The NZMRM provides its members with guidelines to ensure that the products and services they offer meet the Standards required to fulfill codes of compliance, warranty, and durability.
One notable achievement has been the compilation of the NZMRM Code of Practice which has become a valuable reference document for Territorial Authorities and roofing companies.
In 1981, the NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Inc. printed the Profiled Metal Roofing Design and Installation Handbook, which set a benchmark for best practice in metal roofing and cladding installation. The handbook was then updated several times, with the most recent update being in 1995.
Two years ago, the group decided to review the Handbook and re-publish it as a Code of Practice. This document is currently before The Department of Building & Housing (formerly the Building Industry Authority (BIA) for possible classification as an acceptable solution to the NZ Building Code.
NZMRM also works closely with other associated industry groups, such as the Roofing Association of New Zealand(RANZ) and the Cladding Institute of New Zealand (CINZ).


  1. This would have stemmed from the failure of the facade cladding (profiled pierced fixed sheet) on Westpac Stadium in Wellington. This has been a major issue in NZ and a huge cost to reclad the entire building. Screw failure was the reason.

  2. Wasn't the contractor Fletcher construction but they didn't fix the roof, a subcontractor did. who ever ordered the wrong screws is at fault, but main contractor should have picked it up.

    1. what Brand of screws were used ??????

  3. Roofer - can you ask your ColorBond mate why they are planning on getting rid of Wilderness in the new range of colors? I actually like this colour and am amazed they are getting rid of it before Cottage Green or Pale Eucalypt - but I suppose BSL will make more money selling it as a secondary colour to all the roll formers...
    Sorry to be cynical but after the list price rise my opinion of the BSL management team isn't that high.

  4. SW "ColorBond mate"
    Mate - NOPE! But I will ask him and post his reply. The other problem is all the other feed sizes that are left. They should actually take the excess feed stock back and recycle it instead of having tonnes of it laying around all over the country.

    1. I wonder what is going to happen to all of the old standard AZ150 zincalume when the new AM125 comes out? Must be tonnes and tonnes of it out there...

    2. SW: Twitter response:
      Colorbond Expert@ColorbondExpert

      "@TheRoofingBlog I’m unable to talk about that now, but expect to hear more about the colour refresh very soon."

      Also a good question SW on all the AZ150 left, what if it ends up the same price, what are customers going to order?