Friday, April 5, 2013

Roofing, Rollforming Media release.

New Rollforming ........ Website released (unofficial).

This is difficult to release as I have only been given a TWITTER URL address:- but not been given the website address? Is it all about publicity? Well Yes, but on the Twitter site you can access the website. I cannot find it anywhere else on Google, Yaahoo etc... but go here as per below:

This is it......?
And here is the link to the Twitter Site. If you are a member of Twitter, you can then go to this site and click on the logo. It will then take you to the twitter page of Metal Rollforming. In this site of Twitter is the website link - you can only get to it through this page.

But basically it is "The Metal Rollforming Expo" coming to Australia this year in September in Queensland. The Roofer will be a special guest that has been allocated a Booth within the Expo (The Metal Rollforming Expo) that is a 3 X 3 meter area to promote The Roofer.

Below is a preview of what I am planning for my Booth in this event: So I decided to run through on how "The Roofer" could do a presentation at an event like this.

Here it is:

1. Pollie 1?
Won't get anyone to my booth? Scrub this one.
2. Pollie 2?
Getting better - but NO - I would look like a fool.
3. In Disguise?
Nup? No way - but funny.

4. In Disguise as someone else?
Yup! Getting really close.
5. This is "The Roofer" at the Expo.
This is it - The Roofer will appear at the EXPO. Notice the R?
Won't be able to post much online as I've got to slim down to fit in this tight outfit (great colour though).

If you can't link to the new site, contact me below. But have tested this a quite a few times and it works.

Last point I have is an offer that has been given to me, the first two emails to contact "The Metal Rollforming Expo Site" and give the CODE below, order tickets to attend, will receive a free 3 day pass.

PLUS all readers of "The Roofer" BLOG will receive a discount off the purchase price for attending, only if you send the following code in an email to the website contact address, quoting this exclusive CODE: The Phantom Roofer.

This event being held in Oz is a first, and with all the big manufacturers of rollforming equipment attending, rollformers, roofing contractors, builders, insulation suppliers, fastener experts, architects, construction companies and engineers etc etc - it will be a great 3 days for all in the industry to communicate, investigate  and share innovations and advancement of the biggest manufacturing EXPO seen in Australia. (They made me say that $$$$).

Lastly is one clue to where it may be held:
Maybe here - I'm not sure?

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