Friday, April 19, 2013

Manufacturing still driving Jobs?

Rollforming and Roofing Disagree?

The article in The Australian on Thursday 19th April 2013 had the right content, but a shocking title. The article starts of with this comment:
In the economic workhorse region of western Sydney, blue collar jobs for men continue to rise at a faster rate than any other.
Then they continue with this:
The rise of those jobs, however, is set against the backdrop of a downturn in the manufacturing sector where metal engineering process workers and welding jobs are falling away.
The data provided is below and I'll get around to to the mistake in the headline:
Data from ABS KPMG Page 25.
 This is the data that produced the headline "Manufacturing still driving jobs":

  1. So an increase of forklift drivers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  2. A loss of metal engineering process workers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  3. A loss of toolmakers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  4. A loss of product assemblers constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
  5. A loss of fitters constitutes an increase in manufacturing drive of jobs.
How can an increase of forklift drivers even remotely relate to their headline. I hope the two reporters didn't have anything to do with the Headline, because the whole content of the article is good. 

Also I want to know what ICT project managers and ICS customer support officers manufacture?


Big things on the drawing board for construction (both residential and commercial) in the last quarter of 2013. If the majority of rollformers, shed guys, patio people, fabricators, builders, roofers etc can hang on until then - it will be a very good 2014. 

The Red and Green Tape, the increase power costs, the work place relation problems and the general confidence level is very low at the current time, but there is a light on the horizon for the construction and manufacturing industry. 

Very old video - but good article on cold rollformed coil by Corus. How long before Australia has no coil manufacturers?

A big sale of one of  the rollformers seems to be getting closer. 

Which CEO/MD etc of a rollforming comapany is close to resigning in the next 4 weeks?


  1. Hills had their special General Meeting yesterday, & I read today that there was no market news on the sale of their 'legacy businesses' Fielders and Orrcon.
    They are very pleased to announce that the Hills share price at $1.10 is up 30% over the last 4 months, but forget to say that at $1.10 the price is still down 85% from its peak of $6.75 a few years back.
    Anyone go and see Mr Pretty talk it up big ?

    1. Have you got the Adelaide newspapers report on this?

  2. Not very pretty for the Hills shareholders !

  3. Heard a rumour yesterday that Metroll in SEQ are up about 40% from a year ago in a market that is down. Sounds a bit far fetched but from a normally reliable source!

    1. Few points on this,
      1. Maybe they were down the year before, whats the 2 year look period T/O look like?
      2. Fielders shut.
      3. Lysaght also down this year.

      Maybe Metroll are doing the right things up there in Queensland.

  4. Whole new management team and sales force at Metroll SEQ over the last year. We've seen better service, on time, less damage!