Saturday, March 2, 2013

Roofings Rumours 2013

Rollforming & Roofing Rumours February 2013

The start of March and so many changes in the rollforming industry.


BLUESCOPE Steel has accused Australian importers of attacking their own manufacturing industry by illegally importing cheap, dumped steel. How do you import dumped steel? The main concern for BlueScope is that many rollformers and coil steel users refuse to buy BlueScope because of cost. Some auto manufacturers simply can't because of the quality that is not available in Australia. Also BlueScope is chasing more imported material for customs to jump on and charge dumping tax.

I would like a full disclosure of the amount of manufactured product, coil, etc that BlueScope actually brings into Australia. Why don't they say on their coils anymore - Manufactured in Australia instead of Made by BlueScope?
Made by BlueScope - but where is it made Mr. O'Malley?
But like all steel manufacturers it needs the construction industry to improve greatly. It's gone from $3.42 to $4.50 on the ASX as of Friday 1st March 2013. Lysaght is continuing to survive in Australia but is expanding rapidly in Asia.


What's happening with Stramit? Restructuring has occurred within Stramit as revenue dropped due to a subdued construction industry again. This is applicable to all rollformers. Their shed and roofing sections suffered the most through the last 6 months or so. Staff reduction, delivery consolidation, cost savings etc - all the usual measures implemented to ride out the downturn. Nothing will change too much with Stramit - but they are concentrating on WA, SA and NT with more effort.


Cost savings are - no sponsorship of a V8 supercars (now into the utes), big build up in retail promotion with advertising, social media and their outlets. Seems they are already giving Bunnings and Masters some headaches. The other two cannot compete with them on the high value revenue  that sheds and patios systems generate (also roofing and steel products).

But the big one is: Have they copied a roof profile off a competitor? On the 1st November 2012 Stratco filed the trademark MAXIMUS? What's maximus - well it's a dead ringer for a roofing profile developed by Revolution Roofing called True Oak.

Maximus - copy or not?
This is a dead set copy of True Oak - Revolution must be either pleased that someone has copied their profile (flattery?) or angry that Stratco has simply re badged their developed profile and begun marketing under a new ROMAN name. The Romans were good at utilising other cultures buildings and construction techniques until it became their own. Strange name Stratco picked in MAXIMUS. I prefer True Oak which actually relates to the original profile from memory. Maybe some one can clarify this? I think the strength of this profile has always been an advantage with spans V BMT - Stratco will utilise this product in the roofing materials of their sheds. How long before we see Revolutions True Oak utilised in all shed comapnies. Does Shedsafe and ASI have any idea what's going on in its own industry?


Lot's of resignations - but understandable in this economic climate. Absolutely nothing to report here - unless comments reveal otherwise.


Seems to be picking up many shed manufacturers in Queensland and New South Wales. Definitely benifited from the closing of Fielders in the Eastern seaboard. Keep an eye on this bunch. Factory in north Brisbane apparently humming along with orders with the big QLD roofing contractors.


Definitely taking advantage of the cuts to Fielders in both WA and SA. Don't forget the main drivers of Revolution were the main movers in the Fielders early successful years - so don't forget them in the South and West of Australia rollforming industry. Wonder what they think of Stratco rebranding their product so openly - yet they haven't promoted it in any catalogues or shed sheeting options yet?

True Oak - a new addition to roofing from the past.
There will be more on this later.


Big, Big and Big changes here. Not sure with the future of Fielders - it has been the "Days of our Lives" since the exit of some major management some years ago to Revolution. The PATIO MAN (NG) and the ROB OAKSHOT look alike (AR) have gone a few weeks ago. They were the spear head of the management that gave the news to all the closures of the Fielders branches. Now their time has gone. Pity they didn't see the writing on the wall.

 More to come. Matt must be the last of the originals.

Just one question - who is the new Hills man and productivity chief Greg Willis? Is he the ex-NBN man etc etc. More ripping and tearing to come with Fielders and Orrcon if he is the one. Also no Orrcon V8 Supercars sponsorship this year - totally finished.

Hills also sold their portion of Korvest - what's next? Fielders & Orrcon - definitely. Buyers - simply I do not know.

Hills ASX shares up from about 2 months ago $0.88 to $1.08 as of Friday.


Haven't been updated on the Bundaberg area branch yet - but seems the group is still maintaining their market share. One gem that came from a Queensland (QLD Roofer No 2) must give them a laugh:

For Lease - rollforming factory $140,000 PA 1,500sqm? Click here for the lease.
Is this what they were paying for this branch?

Looks like the $1 Billion Job to Australians Project has been canned. No money able to be obtained from the research Tax rebates. Good on you Wayne - try a bit harder.

Rumour is that there is a Rollforming Expo organised from the USA coming to SA or Victoria - well this is definitely not true. It is in Australia - but will be released by the USA (my opinion) organisers very shortly.

Also longest ROOF SHEET in the world run apparently is in Taiwan 157meters. TBC.


  1. patio and oakshot still at fielders until least end of march. no mention of job cuts at revo in the south and the west?

    1. how many are gone from revo - heard about 10?

  2. roofer showing his bias once again should change your name to Rev_Roofer, large amount of redundancies @ revo's and the sacking of their WA leader but still you beat the revo's drum??

    How could revo's be upset about someone copying a product of there's when all of the other products they sell are copies anyway....

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Apologies Anon:

    I haven't been aware of sackings by Revo in SA or WA. Who's the leader? Couldn't be R or A. Must have been a new appointment.

    On True Oak - I asked if they would be flattered or angry? Where do you come up with info on Revo & STratco. It was a simple question. There is no "WA ROOFER" currently.

    Anon: I do not beat a drum for anyone - you are obviously new here - as "The Roofer" gave Revolution a absolute kicking in earlier posts - get your facts straight.

    1. Roofer, I posted it as a comment in your last story about the revo changes.

      R is now only a sales rep and has been for sometime and A left quite some time ago under less than amicable circumstances.

      Unsure who is leading there now with the latest departure of the state manager from WA, all I know is all is not well in both states for Revo, maybe you need to keep your ear to the ground for more than just news on Fielders

      Not new here, been an avid reader of your sometimes accurate posts since the early days, you seem to use the steel caps on fielders and ugg boots on revo, just my observation...

  4. Re- Fielders

    Heard a rumour that some 'machines' are still in Brisbane - so Endurance Sheds can still be made there. Also someone of influence will be returning from overseas to run or supervise the operation.

    1. you would be semi correct, some machines are still @ northgate but are disconnect awaiting relocation or sale, no product has been done at the site for some time

  5. SEQ/Brisbane update.
    Metroll are eating everyone's lunch up here with new people and greatly improved service.
    Apex are just buying low/no margin roofing for throughput.
    Stramit chasing margins and lowering expenses.
    Stratco is steady and
    Lysaght is still Lysaght :)

  6. Rumour is Ritek on the Sunshine Coast have bought Fielders Corrugated Rollformer and Apex have bought some coil that was at their Coolum site.

  7. Coming from a customers point of view in qld.
    Stratco are killing themselves with the import material situation.
    Stramit have the oppurtunities but will not move with the times and put the right people into the right positions to continue recent years of success.
    Metroll have made changes over the last few months that seem to be beginning to bear fruit and is the new company to watch.
    lysaght by pure arrogance are still out of touch with what our market require.
    Apex are doing alot of work currentlyand doing it well but will not continue to hold on to a customer base when there best representation is their operations manager.

    1. How do you figure Stratco are "Killing themselves" with the import material. Have a look where Bluescope bring in their material. Watch for more price rises coming soon, a nice way to hurt the industry even more. Metroll made changes, but they have put on a lot of ex Fielders staff, not really the new company to watch, just a good relationship between new staff and ex Fielders customers.
      Apex are buying work & probably can't sustain for an extended amount of time. But we as customers win while it is cheap.
      Lysaght are actively out with sales managers etc trying to win over customers, they are also throwing around cheap prices, but won't last long and will go back how they were with interest in the next 2 months.
      Stramit seemed to have lost traction but will not let it go on too long. There will be another reshuffle & they will start to be aggressive on regaining market share.

  8. Poor market conditions, prices still dropping = low margins, I don't think any rollformer could be making money, the only answer is to cut costs which usually means jobs have to go.

    In the election year I bet Julia wishes she could have the schools billions back now for a sensible housing stimulus package.

    Light at the end tunnel? Still seems a long way off

    1. If I was Julia I would be starting to move my belongings out of the Lodge now....

  9. How are Metroll's SA sales going, 4 months since TC joined them, can anyone confirm ?

  10. Peoples perception in this industry will never cease to amaze me! apex in qld have picked up the majority of ex fielders work due to natural attrition as they did a good job at having second supplier agreements with the majority of fielders customers. What you said about their ops manager is correct he is the only reason they are doing well. In reply to the stratco not killing themselves with import how can you not expect to have issues in the future with bluescope roofing coil and import ridge and valley feed and then not expect the colour to fade at different rates! you would think that stratco will stop concentrating on their trade section over the next year! Metroll have taken the best people from fielders, but i dont think they will concentrate on alot of fielders customers (there is a reason fielders went broke) i agree metroll is the company to watch over the next year look at them to grow market share and take over in the seq area with great people and service. Stramit, the juggernaut will continue to keep doing what they are good at and pumping out huge amounts of tonnage but will lose some ground this year! Lysaght have to start making some changes culturally in their own company to get the ball rolling and be able to stop relying on stoddarts to fill their coffers anually! i dont think anyone is winning in this industry at the moment the industry must remain competitive but without tarnishing any profits people have left!

  11. The operator with the best systems and the lowest cost will get our business in this game, and it wont be lysaght, but it could be stramit with their reducing of expenses and increasing of there difot. They are the ones to watch.

    The real battle latter which will stuff us all, will be the installation by Stoddards which protects the incompetent and monopolistic lysaght. Stoddards have a cancerous growth on the building market, they started with the metal but they do much more than that now, with other manufacturers who don't want to be seen as going direct to market, but do through stoddards.

    There will be a higher level of installation approach one day when Stramits' parent company Fletchers looks at the hand they have been dealt in this bigger poker game and see they hold all the aces - stramit / tradelink / hudsons / insulation and i guess they will bring there own Kiwi installation to the game just for Stoddards.

    Then we will all be bottom feeders, who knows we may even get some profit, for the jobs they dont touch.

    1. What i dont get, is how guys are still buying from lysaght and allowing there installation group to compete against us at the same time. We are giving money to our enemy indirectly, and then they cut our profits. So what if they are cheaper, when you buy from lysaght you put an extra nail in your coffin.

    2. anyone heard of a new breakaway shed company in sydney, using one steel i heard.

  12. Hills ask metroll if thay wonted fielders machines for cheap so thay can sell fielders easier

  13. Which compaies are using Bluescope 100% these days?
    Who is using some import?

    Id like to see some info on that?

    1. lysaghts- bluescope
      stramit/metroll/revo- 95% bluescope
      fielders- 90% bluescope (little bit of aluzinc and import for flooring)
      apex- bluescope distrubutors but still have a lot of import in roofing and fencing
      stratco- big importers throughout all sectors

    2. Lets not be mislead, everyone uses it, ask bluescope where all there steel is made now, not all aussie. Have a look at the biggining of this blog.

    3. Any normal Colour roof ordered from Stratco is Bluescope......Don't be mislead. And from what I can see , the warranty s are as good or better than Bluescope.

    4. "Colour roof ordered from Stratco is Bluescope"


      "the warrantys are as good or better than Bluescope."

      So is it BlueScope or not? Does BlueScope give Stratco better warranties than everyone else? Come on ANON.

    5. Hi can any one tell me which fasteners are better, Buildex class 4 , Bremick revolution 8 or Corroshield, does anyone have independant test results on these screws

    6. Anonymous - this information is available however the parties involved also have an aggressive legal team and any comments would probably attract a cease and desist order.
      The Bremick screws are called B8 not revolution 8 which I believe is a US military coating, and Buildex do have Class 4 but last year they also brought out Class 5 for use in severe environments with Colorbond Ultra.
      I haven't heard of Corroshield so cannot comment on their products.

  14. Forget about imported steel,. What would save me some money and some sanity, would love to see a ranking on delivery on time and no stuff ups. What's the chances, wouldn't it be great if the rollformers published that. Price would have a different meaning.

    1. In Queensland I've heard that Stramit are 92% in full on time, Metroll 97% and Lysaght 100% (because they only offer 48 hour delivery and tell the customer when they will get it). Stramits and Metrolls are real measures.

  15. Whats happening down in Mount Gambier? Are Fielders still open down there?

    1. It's still listed as a branch on the Fielders website. They normally delete them as soon as they are closed.

    2. Is the rumor true that Fielders are pulling out completely? Hopefully all of their employees down there found other jobs

  16. I doubt it more like hills looking for another buyer too much money at stake to close it down with 700 employees

    1. Are the rumours true that Stramit have now bought Fielders?