Monday, March 18, 2013

Rollforming Kindergarten Style?

New Self Sealing Activate Technology.

This is the new website for the release of Zincalume Activate Technology. The next generation in coatings for roofing material to be released in mid 2013. This is good R&D by BlueScope to keep pace with changing conditions and demands. What gets me is the childish way the product has been presented:

This is the main header for the new Zincalume Activate Technology?
This is amazing - after receiving the link to this new coating of Zincalume - this is what I got. Are BlueScope treating builders, engineers, specifiers, roofing contractors, architects and rollformers with such contempt they give us a Grade 1 drawing. (not bad for Grade 1 pupils).

But it gets worse, I look to the environmental footprint page and this is what I get:
Carbon footprint????
Swings, a slippery slide, a tree, grass, clouds, birds the planet earth, the sun, some humans and one dig! Give me a break - BlueScope get this back to the designers and give me some info on the lifecycle analysis of the new coating compared to the old coating. Some details on the reflection measurements.

I start going through the other TABS on the website and give up. This is the worst release of a good product I have ever seen.

Please Mr. O'Malley - get rid of this garbage and make them start again. Can you see the problem.

Oh! Forgot - all the video links are excellent - but they are not on YouTube so I can't paste them here. The copy of the video by the architects is outstanding - make this your feature.

I'll finish off with your logistics map of Australia:
This is Australia?
I'll leave to you to decide on this brand new release of a coating of Zincalume called Self sealing Activate Technology. 


  1. I think someone gave Paul OMalley crayons with his bonus last year - jokes aside I believe they have gone for this theme to be "the metal product for the next generation"; Bluescope believe this to be the greatest advance since zincallume first entered the market. I for one am actually looking forward to the extended warranties and lifespan.

    1. I just wonder how much they spent on the "childish" artwork?

  2. just another way to pump up the pricing on zincalume after the anti-dumping case. there's nothing wrong with the current zinc and they could offer a better warranty on that

    1. The recent increase feels excessive but I have heard that the new generation zincallume should be roughly the same price as the now defunct version - but will BSL Stainless be affected by the anti-dumping action?

  3. They say on the website:
    "Compared to original ZINCALUME® steel (AZ150 coating) in all LCA environmental impact categories when used in Commercial & Industrial roofing applications. This improvement is the result of innovation in the metal coating formulation that delivers an increased lifespan while using fewer metal resources."

    So less resources = cheaper
    Lasts longer = longer warranty
    Australian made = made by Australians where?