Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shedeye reveals SHED Company Cannibal.

Shed Cannibal - who gives them the meat?

This report just released on Shedeye is a real eye opener. But the problem may be the rollformers who supply these people. They may eventually suffer the results of a failed internal self destruct sales model and as a result will be stuck with the bones of the company that attempts this. Also the company involved is accredited by ASI through its so called Shedsafe program of regulation. Hope Shedsafe has got insurance for this one. Amazing a model called CANNIBALISM?

Shed company turns on its own living people to make more money? Sound cannibalistic - sure does.

Here's the big LINK to the article - SHEDEYE

Shedeye - the information centre of sheds in Australia.
Got your eyes on meat eaters also Shedeye. Good report.

Seems like Apex and Revolution are current suppliers, but this mob seem to change like the wind after only recently been with Lysaght and Stramit. Who's next? Metroll and Fielders maybe.

Come on rollformers out there - is this report correct or have you been told about the new model of sales and as well, have the existing resellers for this mob been told?

Which Shed Group is this?
Don't search for "shed cannibal" ON GOOGLE IMAGES - as the above is the only result that is reasonable.

Check your receipts each month - this could be a problem.


  1. All of the structural components for Sidach are supplied by Millform using mostly imported steel.

    The interesting part of that is Millform do not have any load tables for any of their products yet somehow Sidach are still Shed Safe accredited. The Steel Shed Group and ASI both know this and are refusing to answer questions on how this can happen.

    1. Anon:
      Thank you for this comment - I will copy it and put it on the Shedeye site - they may be interested in your statement above.

      The imported factor is a big concern but totally understandable.

  2. who's millform ????? hahahahaha

  3. let me ask you this? who the hell are you to Dictate how a company runs it's business and tries to make sales and survive in this tough environment. Have any of you bothered to speak to these companies? No i bet not or you wouldn't be specualting like this perhaps you should go to these companies and ask for their side of the story. As for Shed safe accreditation you have to go through a rigorous testing program to get the accreditation did it ever occur to you that just because the information is not available to you that it was provided to Shed Safe and is covered by intellectual copyright?

    1. A company can run any way it wants to run, it just does not mean it is ethical. If they sell an area under an agency and then try selling direct to that area themselves through another company name then the agency has the right to know, and they would not be happy about it.

      Millform has tried to sell me their products for several years now and every time I ask for load tables, which they reply they do not have. If they did have them it would mean more sales for them so I would bet if they had them they would supply them.

      As for the Shed Safe accreditation being "rigorous", who would know, I and others have asked them their process and they never answered. Maybe if you pay enough "membership" anything can happen.

    2. To all ANON comments above - please use the link to the website concerned: I will copy the comments so far to the Shedeye site through comments under "The Roofer".

      I would appreciate if you continued the discussion on the Shedeye website.