Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rollformers make stuff

Rollformers make things?
Unions make things?

Someone here is telling fibs.

There are two new ads on TV this week and the first is Stratco - advertising its brand of Homeshed range.

Stratcos new shed advert - on TV from this week.

The AWU's new advert for making things - on TV from this week.

Two actors have been used in both advertisements:

  1.  The first by Stratco is Michael Caton who states in the ad that they make things.
  2.  The second by the AWU is by Jack Thompson with the opening listing "A Union that makes things"
Apologies to Stratco for using you as an example - but with two new videos this week  claiming they make things seems to be a good comparison. The AWU also say they make things - they do not - they are a Union only with members who pay fees to join to enable a collective voice by ensuring that their members get the pay, conditions, safety and respect that they deserve. Stratco do make things like sheds, garages, roof sheets, structural components, patios etc etc along with building a chain of stores called Big Red that is a worry to Bunnings and Masters. They employ and pay many people. Paul Howes says in his address to the 2013 conference that:

 "Our union is a movement of working people that is almost 140,000 strong.
Attack one of us, and you attack us all."
Woolworths employs 190,000 people Paul - so going aggressive towards all others is not quite smart. In the early years you actually wrote an article on the steel industry, you have been involved with the Asbestos register and are currently trying to secure LNG supply for Australian Industry. These are the positives that those of us in the steel industry appreciate - but the rest of the stuff is a sign of a would be leader of the world, a Revolutionary - of which you are definitely not. So consider the rest of the working Australians before you cast judgement on them and attack all RICH companies.

Your original charter by William Guthrie Spence is to consolidate on what you actually stated at the 2013 conference
A Union that believes in practical measures to improve the lives of working people
That is your original charter, and nothing else.  So instead of labelling every company, person or corporation that is RICH (who may happen to look after its employees extremely well) - get back to basics and your AWU movement may advance for the good of workers.

Check out the wealth of Michael compared to Jack. Or even yourself Paul Howes.

We are the roofers, the rollformers, the fasteners makers, the installers, the insulation workers, the small businesses and just plain individuals that make a difference. And we are many. Don't take us lightly please Mr. Paul Howes.


  1. get back to the real awu mr howes
    it is not a brand
    this industry is dying and you have not done a thing

    help everyone including business like the awu used to do

    1. he just wants to be PM

      What a joke, so hes got 130000 members
      he'll need more than that to become pm.