Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fielders FreeForm First Photos

Roofing System FreeForm Fielders Released?

Is this new. Is it a new innovation in Australia & the world. Well lets look at the timeline on Fielders release of this information.

From start to finish using Twitter, a photo storage site, their Fielders Blog site, then their own website.
Fielders Twitter - Hey look at this picture?

Photo added of some roofing - The NEW FreeForm? Very dark & exciting.

Then mentioned on the FIELDERS Blog site.

Then this photo of FreeForm on Fielders Twitter - at last it's standing seam.

And at last on the Fielders main website - No brainer.
What is this new FreeForm - well it's a dead copy of BEMO system here:

Except the rollformer is from ASIA not BEMO - and is going to be mobile. So no R&D for this product at all - just the same KalZip and BEMO copy. Seems Fielders are going completely architectural in their product mix with only Adelaide and Perth left to do the run of the mill stuff of roofing. Obviously these mobile ARAMAX mobile mills along with the new FREEFORM mobile mills will be an asset yet the latter you could buy from Vietnam, China or India tomorrow.

FreeForm is a standing seam roof system copied directly off BEMO and KalZip but have they got the curving and tapering machines yet? This product is ASIAN licenced so no testing will be required in Australia??? WHY? You tell me. Video of same machine to be posted shortly.


  1. Roofer why so anti fielders? at least they are introducing a new product to the market...

    never miss a chance to sink the boot in do you

    1. Boo Hoo.. their was nothing Anti Fielders if anything it is a fair plug for their product.
      If anyone has rights to complain it is the loyal Fielders customers who are being mucked around, mislead and ultimately leaving in droves...
      But - I have to give them points for thinking outside of the box; but the lack of engineering credibility does also concern me.

    2. Anon: you said
      "never miss a chance to sink the boot in do you"

      Mistaken. I was trying to point out the lack of detail given by Fielders (on their different media outlets) on the new FreeForm product. The marketing is very similar to Aramax - all secret? Why? You should be out there selling this to everyone - details, technical info, photo, media releases etc - why is the info released contained here on The Roofer?

      And also thanks for the confirmation that all the info in the article was correct - I was waiting.

      Get it on You Tube, Twitter and get your management to stop being so secretive.

      It's a good product and if it's mobile - a bonus.

  2. so it is standing seam roofing

  3. good to see fielders back to being the innovators in the market but they must sort out their operations in SA. lead times have blown out and cant get fast flashings, only people that appear to care about customer service is the reps and the drivers

    1. Tinman,

      Flashings, accessories etc are the main reason so many clients get fed up with a supplier. What you say is so true - the people actually servicing the clients are the ones most concerned.

      But this FreeForm looks like a winner. Especially in a mobile mill.

      Maybe its soley a management problem that will be rectified by the new Fielders CEO.

  4. Looks good and better than bluescopes MR-24® and most of other SS are only in zinc or aluminium

    does freeform come in standard c/bond and zinc?

  5. Would have a tough time believing that Fielders will be successful with this product or any other now. It isn't that people are sinking the boot in but rather echoing the sentiment of the market.

    They have sacked (or lost via resignation) all their technical support, Engineering, R&D, and many of their good Operations people. They have pulled back from their National footprint, let NG destroy their strongest state and now are hoping that they can hold market share in the only state that still makes money. (Funny thing with their fight in WA is that they are driving the price down against the very company who will own them in 5 months time).

    They have good niche products like Aramax and Freeform but the problem is they are trying to service a National Company of 800 employees with them alone. Fielders forgot about the big picture stuff which is why you see Apex/Strammit/Lysaght/ Revolution/Metroll/ etc. blitz them in every state.

    1. Probably the best summary of Fielders I have seen and could not have expressed it better.

      Looks like a very reduced price may be in order to rid HILLS of this division - and hopefully a buyer that can scrape something from the relic left.

      Didn't Fletchers offer $100 million plus 5 or 6 years ago? Hills should sell rather than take the losses every year. Much better for customers and shareholders. Hope Mr. Pretty allowed for this loss in recent budgets? Is DGTEC a division of Hills also sold Mr. Pretty? Was DGTEC a division of HILLS?

    2. yep pretty sure DGTEC was roofer. back to fielders, someone told me NG is being set up as the scapegoat. people in operations undermining him and upper management cant see it or are distancing themselves from it because they dont want to make a big decision (most probably the latter)

  6. newest rumour about fielders is Fletchers are buying the company. thats why mildura and mt.gambier have both been shut down. metrol are the winners taking over the mt. gambier site, probably all its staff for nothing... that is a dumb financial decision in most peoples books.

    1. metroll and stratco are keen to get in there but fielders are still trying to hold onto it. keep in mind it was a hills decision,fielders people wanted to keep mt gambier. i doubt fletchers will buy fielders, i reckon they would rather dump stramit then buy another rollformer. Former fielders CEO keith middleton now involved with rivergum homes

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Tinman - That is the silliest business decision Fletchers could make; Stramit have a empire on the eastern seaboard and to cast off Stramit to buy another rollformer in this low margin market is preposterous at best. If anything the Fielders portfolio would complement their existing market share.
      According to an article I have recently read in the Financial Review that Fletchers, CSR and Metroll are the interested parties and I personally believe that Metroll or Fletchers are the serious contender here with a emphasis on the former especially after the purlin manufacture deal. Stratco aren't even in the race according to my info - and to be honest why would they? They have been focusing on the retail side of their business and are becoming a major thorn in Bunning's side.

  7. used then instead of than, i meant fletchers would rather get out of rollforming altogether as there is no money in it. stratco are keen to get into mt gambier as long as metroll and fielders stay away.

  8. fielders a rabble and the other rollformers are stepping up! the damage could be irreversible.

  9. I love that Fielders are offer an "Australian First" roofing solution and advertise it using a photo of Southern Cross Station in Melbourne (photoshopped to be dark) which was done by Kalzip 10 years ago.
    Fielders offer nothing as a first just another copy.
    Their roll former was made in Malaysia, with no technical support, just a profile copy. They have no curver, and no expertise in this type of product for design or engineering.

  10. Gents
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  11. Mr. W. probably put a full stop on this discussion.
    The BEMO guys surely know what they're doing when it comes to making freeform standing seam happen - and their free form rollformer and curving machines are mobile.