Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BlueScope New Year Job Cuts

BlueScope Steel will sack 170 workers in Victoria.

This includes about 110 employees and 60 contractors from a workforce of 740,  at the Western Port facility at Hastings, south east of Melbourne, over the next few months.
There are numerous reports of this in the media and many seem conflicting.

Here are some of them, starting with a video link:

Video of BlueScope Job cuts 
BlueScope to axe 170 jobs in Victoria.
BlueScope cuts production.

  • BlueScope in an ASX announcement said that it planned to “reconfigure its Australian cold rolling, metal coated and painted steel production” in a move that will provide “significant savings”. 
  • Adding this also, BlueScope stressed there had been no drop in demand for Australian coated products, which include the company’s Colorbond line.
  • The reconfiguration will mean that about one-quarter fewer workers are required to man the production lines at Western Port, south-east of Melbourne, the company said.
  • Skills Minister Chris Evans said BlueScope had stressed the job losses were due to a fall in demand for construction materials and broader pressures on the manufacturing sector, including the high Australian dollar.
  • BlueScope plans to drive other mills in Australia, mainly at the Springhill plant in Port Kembla, harder.
All these different statements from BlueScope, Government Minister Chris Evans and the company’s head of Australia and New Zealand, Mark Vassella.

Let's look at the statements above.
  1. BlueScope stressed there had been no drop in demand.
  2. Government Minister Chris Evans said there had been a drop in demand.
  3. BlueScope says it's a restructure.
  4. BlueScope says it will reduce production by 1/4.
Unfortunately this is another human loss in the manufacturing industtry in Australia that will be good news for shareholders as BlueScope can import all these products from their Asian manufacturing plants at a much cheaper rate. The coils from Victoria all say Made by BlueScope - where once they said Made in Australia?

Is this the new coil supply chain in Australia?

Fielders Freeform?
Question who knows what this is?

Go to Fielders new Freeform Roofing Photo Site to look.


  1. This Government continue to sit on their hands while the manufacturing industry buckles and falls apart - no wonder we have an increasing trade deficit if it wasn't for iron ore the picture would be worse.

    The Fielders FreeForm standing seam is interesting any details on the specs of the product?

    1. It's like the Bemo profile on the last blog, and close to Kalzip too.

    2. Do you think it is a standing seam product?

      The Freeform photo is very dark and no clear profile is obvious. I can't understand this link to a photo page when nothing is available on the main Fielders Website. Can't see a R&D result so quickly by Fielders currently with Mr. Pretty in charge of the money.

  2. fielders freefall more like it

  3. Boral and Bluescope must know something we don't about rhe economy. Bluescope are however looking good in their new anti dumping action on Asian coated steel, see today's AFR.

  4. Tata BlueScope, the Jamshedpur new facility has a metallic coating capacity of 250,000 tonnes a year, of which 150,000 tonnes will be coated colorbond steel.

    No duty on imports from their own "Made by Bluescope" Brand.

  5. Guys, looks like Fielders have released information about FreeForm

  6. Sorry to be a bit off topic, but any other roofers out there finding the current economy really tough?
    Work seems to have dried up at the moment. I've had other roofers say they were quiet a good 8 months, I have noticed it the last 3 months.