Monday, December 3, 2012

Five Tips for Living without Roofing

Five tips for living on the 'unrecognisable Earth' of the future

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What's happening in the media recently?
Ben Cubbie House of SMH - said "It's the end of the world as we know it".
The World Bank says we're Goners? "The time is very, very short. The world has to tackle the problem of climate change more aggressively," World Bank president Jim Yong Kim said on a conference call as he launched a report conducted for the global lender. Amazing more money we have to give.
Amazing number of reports that the world is stuffed - unless we stop everything we are doing now.
So all rollformers, roofers, fixers, suppliers, steel mills, power companies - Just STOP everything.
Here is the ultimate Professor Jorgen Randers
Prof Jorgen has the solution.
Here is his solution to the end of the world as we know it. Roofers & Rollformers take note:
1. Learn to love apartment livingThe future will be "urban, dense and crowded" and most people will live in an urban tower in a megacity. So "don't develop a taste for life in suburbia". Remind yourself how high-density living relieves you of the lawns that must be mowed, the rooves and gutters that must be fixed, and the long, boring commutes to the city.
2. Forget bushwalking Don't teach your children to love wide open spaces. Per capita, there is now only half the unused land there was in 1970, and by 2050 it will halve again. The amount of land that is less than 10 kilometres away from human constructions is rapidly diminishing, so people seeking wilderness will have fewer and fewer places to go, which are further and further away.
3. Learn to prefer virtual entertainment Go and see biodiversity hotspots and world tourist attractions now. As technology advances, experiencing a sightseeing spot digitally will have even more advantages than now over standing in the burning sun to see the real thing through the gaps in the crowd.
4. Focus on satisfaction Don't be obsessed with income, and stop believing all growth is good. Accept that the retirement age will increase and pensions will diminish in the ageing industrial countries of the world. During the next 40 years a number of things are going to decline, in some cases representing a fundamental solution to an underlying problem. So it's wise to teach yourself to distinguish between good and bad growth and decline.
5. Guarantee yourself a jobIf you can't stand a job in services or health and aged care, go into energy efficiency and renewables, or get your children to. And get them to learn Mandarin, so they can "get a job that will surf on the rapidly expanding wave of Chinese activity on Earth".
Well - isn't this great. Just opt out and forget about making roofing, cladding, sports stadiums, roads, buildings, mowing, and just about everything. No fishing, no bush walking, no socialising, no NOTHING! Just learn Mandarin and jump on the rapidly expanding wave of Chinese activity on Earth??????????

Notice there is no jobs in manufacturing or mining?
Oh, I forgot to add it gets worse - even the ice turns black.

Even the ice turns black - No it's permafrost (refer comment 1)?
So what does the rollforming industry do?

Mr. Conroy has the solution. (again thanks ANON - comment 1)
Mr. Conroy (see above)- you will wear red underpants and then sit in the corner.
Just grab a pair of red undies, put them on your head, and party.
Because according to these guys we are dammed if we do, and dammed if we don't.

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  1. The "black ice" is permafrost - frozen earth - not frozen water. That's a picture of Conroy not Combet.