Thursday, November 15, 2012

BlueScope, Fielders & Metroll Questions?

The Rollforming Industry - Rumour or Fact

BlueScope AGM:

Nothing new here - all resolutions passed by shareholders.
Here are highlights of Mr. O'Malleys address,

  1. We have also rationalised our Lysaght manufacturing footprint to reduce costs whilst maintaining our customer service commitments.

  2. Planned cost reductions have been fully achieved, and we will see improvements in our 2013 performance as a result.
  3. We still expect the Coated and Industrial Products Australia business to deliver positive underlying EBITDA in FY2013.

  4. Our Australian Distribution business restructure is largely complete with the closure, sale or consolidation of 17 branches by year end and three since.
So guaranteed no more staff loss from Lysaght - but looks like Distribution has a bit to go! Customer service has been reported as nearly non-existant across nearly all states so Mr. O'Malley is correct in stating maintaing our current service commitments

Also from the Qld phantom Roofer - Bluescope has set up in opposition to steel stud framing manufacturers and yet still wanting them to lock into supply contracts.
Seems the BlueScope Distribution has lost none of its "I am your superior" attitude. 

Fielders Closures:

What is happening in Brisbane & Coolum (both of the QLD branches) as they have dissappeared off the website completely? One question asked by Hills shareholders:
  • Was the QLD business offered for sale at asset value?
The answer to this leads to numerous other outcomes.
If it was - then Hills management are not responsible for the current situation and $10 million loss.
BUT - if it wasn't (and the QLD Phantom Roofer thinks rumour is correct) - then Hills have cost shareholders the following:
  • $35m sales thrown away
  • Good machines now obsolete
  • Staff could have been transferred
  • 3 years of $1.2m plus rent to run.
  • Transport contract payouts.
  • Unnecessary cost of redundancies of 75 loyal staff $3m plus
  • Machine relocation and storage costs
  • Rent to pay
  • Total $10m worse off.
(Info - Phantom Roofer Victoria).
Does Mr. Pretty know anyone in the industry? No, but everyone else on the board do, and should have advised him of this alternative maybe. Where are they going to put the machines??????

Metroll purchases: 

Metroll purchased the Fielders purlin mill from the closing Regency Park in Adelaide and the supply of Fielders Endurance Shed business as well. Now that Metroll will supply approved Endurance (Fielders) suppliers across Queensland with purlins and everything else - how can the ShedSafe logo be utilised if Metroll (not approved by ShedSafe) is the manufacturer and NOT Fielders (who is an appoved ShedSafe manufacturer)?

ShedSafe - any answers to how this one will be treated?

And more:

  • The biggest Dome Roof in the world under construction in Singapore coming soon to the Roofer.
  • Stratco having big sales with up to 25% off most rollformed product. Why?
  • Stramit (Fletchers) AGM coming up shortly.


  1. fielders won't last the next twleve months
    lysaght will slowly fade away over thre years
    metroll will take over hills shed businees

  2. could stratco be in the same boat as fielders? i have been hearing of job losses there too... maybe they are trying to get out of rollforming and into the more profitable retail market.

  3. Is ex-Fielders sales manager Tony C is going to Metroll? Rumours were flying around that he was going to Revo.
    Either way he'll rip a big chunk out of Fielders.

  4. tc starts at metroll monday 2IC to harro

    1. i hear DC has at least 2 maybe 3 rollformers enquiring about his services?

    2. Good luck to TC, he will be out to prove a point. Fielders will be consolidating from Mile End to Marion next !

  5. Its a very tough market out there at the moment. I'm hearing there will be another shake out across the board. Still a lot of pain to go yet

  6. I hear that in February will be round 2

  7. If Metroll are buying Fielders why are they taking all their staff ? Word is Dwayne is going to Metroll too, plus some internals.

    1. Metroll aren't buying Fielders. They are just extracting all the good bits and leaving a skeleton.

      Who's left at Fielders to fight for the brand?

      Metroll QLD is gaining some good clients with the staff movement from Fielders and doing well in sales.

    2. Roofer that comment of yours is a joke, do you know anything?

      Metroll are taking the scraps that Fielders don't want to produce anymore, since when are purlins 'the good bit' of the rollforming business, no one makes any money off rolling purlins

      Your 'info' about Metroll buying fielders Purlin machines is way off, no doubt they will roll purlins for Fielders but it will be on metrolls machines

    3. Anon,

      I said Purlin mill (singular) from RP, that will roll the Endurance brand. Purlins rolled for sheds were profitable - but now with all shed groups discounting - you are right - you can nearly buy a kit shed for the cost of raw feed. Purlin machine - not purlin machines! ONE! Read the article 1st please.

      Would be great if you could get a name ANONYMOUS, as input for this industry is important, if it's to proceed over the next few years. Example SW, Tinman, KC, etc - your IP address is safer if you use Blogger instead of Anon.

      The Roofer

    4. word is, brooksy from the good guys has been able to convince the powers to be to keep the purlin mill. watch this space, maybe they do have brains down at mile end because forget the purlins for a second, its the add on sales that will kill you from not having the mill

    5. Purlin mill or mills were never for sale to anyone...

  8. Selling corro colorbond at $8.90 a lineal won't make Fielders any money either

  9. Did any 1 hea about hill approching metroll to ask if thay wonted to buy all fielders machines for cheap so hill can sell fielders due to it not making them any money ??? This is stright from hills aswell

  10. Fielders have sold to Bluescope! Surely this breaches the monopoly laws, how can they get away with that. Meanwhile Fielders expects all its staff to stay loyal while they probably make plans to sack us all and close us down by January 2014. The loyalty all of the workers have given to Fielders in the end meant nothing, we all got shafted