Sunday, October 7, 2012

Steel Import Tariff & Rollforming

Anti Dumping measures boost BlueScope?

Let's start at the beginning.
  1. RET Renewable Energy Target (20%) introduced.
  2. Carbon Tax introduced.
  3. Steel Industry (BlueScope & Arrium) gets $300 million compensation.
  4. Car industry gets compensation also (up to billions over the years).
  5. BlueScope complains about steel dumping.
  6. CFMEU & AWU both support an lobby for an anti dumping measure - tariff.
  7. Government plans to introduce a tariff on imported steel.
  8. BlueScope shares bounce up to record highs.
Well what's the problem? All from AFR Article "Bluescope protection slammed!"

Those Against:

General Motors Holden managing director Michael Devereux says:
I’m incredulous at what seems to be the path that is being taken,” he said. “I cannot even begin to tell you how bad that is for our business.”
Toyota Australia said:
"it could not obtain the required grade of steel locally."
Master Builders Australia chief executive Wilhelm Harnisch says:
"The government should not ignore the plight of the construction industry, which is a heavy user of steel."
Australian Tourism Export Council managing director Felicia Mariani said:
"support should be targeted at growth industries."
A D Coote’s Mr Eidam accused:
"BlueScope of not keeping up with the technology and failing on quality, saying this was why his company switched to imported steel."
Ron Silberberg, a former managing director of the Housing Industry Association, said:
"It was unfortunate that consequences for downstream industries were not considered and the process lacked transparency"
Those For:

BlueScope’s chief executive for Australia and New Zealand, Mark Vassella, said:
"Customs had validated the company’s claims."
Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes accused:
"the car industry of hypocrisy given the billions it receives in government subsidies"

BlueScope Steel welcomes end to US steel tariffs - 2003  - How quickly we forget??

The Answer:

Go to the beginning and get rid of the cause
The Carbon Tax and RET's!
Simple - the government and unions are imposing a systematic money raising scheme from the CO2 Tax, The RET's, to protectionism and then blatant abuse of industries that it does not control.

Rollforming industries are sitting on the sideline and getting dictated to by the Government and Unions little money pyramid scheme. The construction & building industry is at a record contraction low and dropping, where's the help? where's the subsidy? where's the lobby group? Rollformers will have to buy off BlueScope to aid Paul Howes and his Unions and his Government.

It is virtually turning into Government versus small and large business! Guess who's winning? Have a look at the answers from THOSE FOR: both are just zero content replies meant to silence the opposition! Disgusting behaviour by BlueScope and the Union/Government. Gives some answers with substance! Also Bluescope has also been accused for dumping steel in Brazil???? Double Standards maybe O'Malley? Shareholders meeting coming up?

Get rid of this CO2 Tax and RET's  and all will be solved.


  1. just what is needed for the building contractors ,a dictator bluescope with government protection

    1. lol - what an amusing lack of understanding of the law. how cute.

    2. ANON 2

      Your comment needs further explanation as to the legal misunderstanding by ANON 1 please. It would result in a more helpful comment if you give opinions as to why. Also a name would be helpful.

  2. Bluescope is union controlled and run by managers that have no hope of helping the situation. The asx share price currently is a false high and there will be grief later for those investors . mainly lysaght and distribution are going to fail very soon for bsl

  3. Won't be long b4 another guvment is in and no more mrrt or carbon tax, guvment spending cut, and the construction industry can get back on its feet