Monday, October 1, 2012

Rollforming & Roofing in Australia October

Rollforming in Australia lacks adaptability!

Are the Australian rollforming companies too insulated from the global counterparts? Google roof deck in Australia and no results for corrugated iron, structural form work steel, trimdek, standing seam, spanform or spandek, trimdek, 5 rib, corro, condek, spandek etc etc etc. What you do get is results for roof deck restaurants, roof decks & patios, roof decks at hotels and units?

Australians relate to roof SHEETING or roof SHEETS? It's quite easy for us to do this and then we decide on profile. Lysaght, Stramit, Stratco, Steeline, Revolution, Metroll, Fielders, Apex and all the other independents still call our steel products the same. Purlins, girts, battens, sheets, sheeting, fasteners, capping, barge, pitch, corro, 5 rib and valleys etc - that's fine for our local architects and engineers that decide on the type and profile of our new buildings.

Look at all the Australian rollformer product lists - nearly identical to this one which is Lysaghts:
Lysaght Product Pull down website menu?
This is typical of our major rollformers and all have different variations of the same product. Australian construction  growth has slowed in all areas. Yet there has been many complaints regarding importing of finished products? Why, because our terminology is not up to date with the global construction industry standards.
The report by Cushman & Wakefield at the world summit below:
International Council of Shopping Centres
This meeting included the likes of Peter Lowy the Co-CEO of the Westfield Group and contributed to the findings below:
Peter Lowy - Westfield Group.
Within the report is the main three areas of shopping centre development - Asia & the Pacific, Europe, Americas indicate basic differences in demand and construction requirements. Also another report highlights the necessity for rollformers to adapt to new profile quickly to produce material for new demand supply chains. Read article here: Varying supply trends. Australian imported finished product is on the increase as a result of overseas architects & designers being unable to source products they are familiar with. A reverting to standard international terminology may be required to capture some of this market. A potential growth market is the Metal Deck Green Roof systems - yet no websites of Australian rollformers have any reference to this - but all have a product that with research and span tables to adjust for the weight loads in a Green roof could easily open up new markets in this growing area. Companies like TATA Steel have articles in their TATA Blog regularly on this subject and export material worldwide. This particular article called "Green Roofs - Choosing the right metal deck & tray" is one of many. ELMICH is an Australian company the specialises in Green Roof systems and adapts existing metal decks to a Green Roof.
One of Elmich Green Roof Systems on a metal deck.
Notice the similarity between the metal decks and trays that TATA Steel use and Australian versions of our steel formwork sheeting. Why isn't there information from rollformers on Green metal decks systems for architects and engineers?


Thanks to a new Phantom Roofer in New Zealand for this article regarding BlueScope. Seems BlueScope is guilty as the rest for steel dumping according to this article in Brazil.

The probe, which local steelmaker CSN filed with an Industry and Trade Ministry body in October 2010, had sought evidence that exports of rolled and zinc-coated flat products from Australia, South Korea, China, India and Mexico were entering the Brazilian market at prices below production costs.
Some of the foreign companies mentioned in the probe include Dongbu Steel, Union Steel and Hyundai Hysco from South Korea, the Mexican unit of South Korea's Posco , China's Baosteel, and Australia's Bluescope Steel.
Read the full article here "Brazil ends probe into steel dumping".


  1. on terminology - there will be an eventual standardisation, as those who don't will get behind

    bluescope has always screamed about imports when they have continued their overseas dumping in trade protected areas

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