Friday, September 28, 2012

Roofing Week - 13 Weeks After.

Roofing in September 2012.

I wrote this article last September (2011) called Roofing Week - 11 Months to Go and made some predictions concerning the rollforming industry - got some right, some close and some wrong. The revised list is below:

  1. Stratco still advancing into the retail and the shed/patio section performing OK.
  2. Metroll still silent - but word is they are struggling badly in the eastern states.
  3. Lysaght are still selling (reduced volume) and EBIT is way down - BSL is not the right company to manage them in the current market. BSL shares improved today - first time they've hit 40 cents plus. Shareholders are just hoping to get to 50 cents??? Annual General Meeting will be entertaining. All directors etc & management refusing to take bonuses. (Just want my job attitude).
  4. Stramit according to FBU report is also struggling but maintaining customer base at reduced EBIT. FBU is increasing greatly on the ASX. Seem to have cooled their relationship to BlueScope.
  5. Hills - could write a separate chapter - but main news released in Jennifer Hill-Ling report to shareholders indicated Electronics & Communications and Lifestyle & Sustainability did reasonably well while Orrcon and Fielders had a shocker (Korvest helped them both over the line). Annual General Meeting coming up on 1st November - with no indications of foregoing bonuses by anyone - a second strike could spill the board? Mr. Pretty due for some hefty bonus schemes so his performance will be watched closely.  Can't say what will happen to Fielders - still up for sale and no buyers.
  6. Australias Federal Government total debt reaches $250 billion? If you count the states - the total is 1/2 a Trillion dollars??? Government has to cut back on massive spending.
  7. Resources Minister Martin Ferguson tells the truth about power price rises - which makes Julia Gillard look like the GOOSE - then the attack dogs of the UNION - Mr. Paul Howes (Mr. Big of Unions and PM protector) especially lashes out at Martin Ferguson as a traitor. When will this government get on with business instead of feeding these UNION fools who over the past year have exposed themselves for what they are - parasites and grubs!
And just to finish off - check out this site Construction Week Online - based in the Middle East and full of projects - go to the tabs for mega projects and check out the money involved - makes our National debt look tiny - here's just one small $11.5 Billion US University "Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh" - here's the project model:
Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman Uni.
How much did Australia spend on new University Building last year? Paul Howes, Wayne Swan, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong & maybe KR also - OH KR isn't a UNION Man (back stabbed anyway) so forget him - well folks - what is the expenditure due on schools & Uni's please? No, not Pink Batts, or BER stadiums that can't be used, or transportable buildings for NT and remote areas! Australia needs a construction boom again - so instead of attacking business and now super - start planning for 10 years or 50 years from now - not your re-election next year!

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