Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roofing News September 2012

Roofing News, Combet, ASI Awards & BlueScope.

1. ASI Awards.
As stated on the News section of the ASI website - there is is wide variety of winners involved. Here is a short copy from the ASI website:
A bustling Melbourne bridge, an iconic stadium, a regional dental school, an island hopping sports centre and a distinctly Australian looking community centre topped the National Steel Design Awards announced in the Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra on 10 September.
You'll have to go to the site for the rest - but here are some pictures of each winner.
Milson Island Indoor Sports Stadium top honour in small buildings.
Fitzgibbon Community Centre, Brisbane winner Steel Clad Structures category .
School of Dentistry, Wagga Wagga  joint winner in the Buildings Large Projects category.
Adelaide Oval’s Western Grandstand, joint winner in the Buildings Large Projects category.
Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge extra lanes  in Engineering project category.
2. Combet is Committed
At the ASI Awards Mr. Combet commits to keep local steel competitive.
He committed himself do everything he can within Government policy parameters to work with the steel industry as it confronts the challenges facing all Australian manufacturers with the Australian dollar at parity with the US and strong competition coming from growing economies in the Asia-Pacific region. Read more of this at ASI News. We'll have to wait and see the results - but not a lot has been done by Combet in the past - so let's hope for a change! Is there an election coming up?

Don't think it - do it Greg.
3. BlueScope buys Carbon from Overseas?
Calgon Carbon Japan has been awarded a contract to supply about 5.3 million pounds of activated carbon to BlueScope Steel in Australia for removal of sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) from exhaust gases at one of its steel manufacturing facilities. Terms of the Agreement were not disclosed. Deliveries of activated carbon will begin immediately and continue throughout 2013 to BlueScope's Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia facility.

Let's get this straight:
BlueScope pays for Carbon emissions as it is pollution.
BlueScope pays to import activated Carbon to reduce pollution of sulphur oxide & Nitrogen Oxide.

This is approximately 2.4 million kilos and the price is unknown.

4. Roofing News September 2012.
  1. No CEO announced for Fielders yet - will there be one?
  2. In South Australia from July 1, council building regulators must inspect 66 per cent of approved buildings by a licensed builder and 90 per cent of owner-builder constructions. Has this happened yet - read article HERE. This decision is a result of the coronial recommendations from the Riverside Golf Club building collapse in 2002 and other roof truss failures. nearly 10 years later?
  3. Australian Rollformer (last year) enters Manufacturers Hall of fame. Not in roofing, but Australian Rollforming Manufacturers Pty Ltd is widely regarded as one of the world's leading edge companies providing custom special sections metal rollforming. Congratulations.
  4. Still lots of transportable buildings, modular houses etc coming from China and going to WA.
BlueScope Update:
Read the ASX release by BlueScope with the following:
  1. Chairmans Message
  2. Annual Results
  3. Investor Presentation
  4. Directors Report
  5. Concise Financial report
  6. Auditors Report
  7. Shareholder Information
The shareholder meeting in November for BSL is going to be extremely interesting - the above report in my view is a plea for understanding on how hard they have worked - and saying don't sack me please! Look how we have cut our income for the good of the company, no bonus payments etc, we don't even rate on other company payments to senior management, but what ever you do don't ask us to make sure the share price increases? This meeting will be telecast live with the interest it's generating.
Strike 2 in the making!

The directors, shareholders, MDs, CEOs, CFOs, Managers and all involved with the steel industry should read this before the meeting:

Big Steel's struggle to Survive.
A good read for all in the industry especially management.


  1. maybe o'malley can apply for ceo of fielders

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  3. "Combet is comitted"

    Best news this year