Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mobile Roofing Mills - unseen videos!

Fielders Mobile KingKlip 700 Mill.

Only a total of 420 people in the world have viewed  these as of today (September 18th 2012).

Have a look at these videos uploaded by Roofing2000Perth who identity is unknown and an address listed as USA? Doesn't matter who it is - some of these videos are great! The Canberra one below (no sound) could be edited and used for promo stuff by Fielders. The Perth Arena videos are not that exciting but still amazing that you can roll roof sheets inside an entertainment centre and get them lifted up on the roof. No transport apart from the coils needed for the rolling. The transport costs are greatly reduced when considering long sheets.

Good on you Roofing2000Perth. 

Canberra Hanger - even though it was completed many years ago - the video is now out and from the USA only 10 months ago? In fact all the videos uploaded are 10 months old?

Come on Fielders get these interactive videos out there. And some more updates on the Aramax Mobile Mill please Mr. Pretty (new MD of Hills). These are pretty good videos!


  1. Roofer - i actually think that these videos raise serious issues and aren't up-to the safety standard of today's building sites.
    Lack of safety lines for fall prevention, harnesses - I know some people find OHS over the top but as long as I come home each night its worth it. I don't trust safety mesh with my life...
    Watching them drag the roof sheets up by hand makes me wonder is this a process we should applaud? This is very amateurish at best.

    1. A lot of this stuff is ancient history !
      Pre-Hills Fielders took the mobile mills technology back from South Africa in the mid 1990's.
      Safety standards have moved a long way forward since then. You should see the lack of safety over here !

    2. Agree SW - like Hennie said this was a fair time ago! Safety has improved but the video of the Perth Arena shows the guy at about 1 minute 19 seconds with no gloves?????
      See the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9n-kDWOvrQ&feature=plcp

      When was Perth Arena roof completed? 10 to 12 months ago? So you are right SW, these videos do show many safety issues that are only recent and maybe all rollforming companies could take them on board.

      Hennie - please send some videos links of mobile mills to us here in Australia please.

  2. Try Global Roofs


  3. Thanks Hennie,
    Interesting site - big company Global.
    The mobile mill in the first video is well set up. much better than the rigs used in Australia.