Friday, September 28, 2012

Minister of Red Underpants & Roofing

Minister Stephen Conroy - The Roofer?

Where do I start? Stephen worked in the Metal Trades Industry Association from 1984 to 1986. Then from 1986 to 1987, Stephen was an electorate officer for the Federal Member for Canberra, consultant to the Minister for Science and Minister assisting the Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce and electorate officer for the Minister for Home Affairs.

Now Mr. Roofing Red Underpants has a broad portfolio - the following:
the National Broadband Network, the largest nation-building infrastructure project in Australian history, and the enabling foundation for our digital economy. Other responsibilities include Australia’s digital television switchover, our national broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, media policy, community broadcasting, e-security and cyber-safety, radio frequency spectrum and Australia Post, among other things. As part of the Digital Productivity portfolio, Stephen is responsible for cross-government programs that are pioneering the use of high-speed broadband to improve service delivery in areas including health, education and aged-care.
Why am I bringing this up? Because last week he was in New York at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information conference and stated the following: RED UNDERPANTS REPORT

"I have unfettered legal power. If I say to everyone in this room ‘if you want to bid in our spectrum auction you’d better wear red underpants on your head’, I’ve got some news for you. You’ll be wearing them on your head"
So I thought why is this bloke even in government? Here's his speech photo? Makes Craig Emmerson look smart.
The Red Underpants Roofer Minister of Everything!
This man is in charge of communications, broadcasting, digital delivery, ABC, SBS, media policy, community broadcasting, e-security and cyber-safety, radio frequency spectrum and Australia Post. In September 1996 then Senator Stephen Conroy stood in parliament and defamed a postie called Noel Battese. How can industry - especially the rollformers exist with control freaks like this in charge - wear your RED UNDERPANTS on your head or else????

Rolling purlins, girts, roofing, guttering, ridge, valley, battens and folding flashings is what we do - not carry on like right IDIOTS with RED UNDERPANTS on our head. I think Mr. Stephen Conroy and quite a few others have let power go to the limited IQ they have.

Also testing to see if the government media control panel is operating, and hope they actually read some other matters that affect the rollformers in Australia.

Overall evaluation of the respected Minister of Red Underpants Roofing is: He's lost the plot!


  1. looks like julia same colour?

  2. Video out now on YouTube

    Bloke is a fruit loop

  3. This is not the best behaviour of a Minster of the Federal parliment of Australia. How can the rollforming industry have confidence in this sort of garbage.

    Emmerson is not far behind. Soon we'll have the whole cast of the Three Stooges in Red Underpants. Joke unfortunately is on us!