Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hills Holding or Falling?

Hills down Hill?
Why did Hills Holdings drop this much in one day? They closed yesterday at $1.21 and today closed at $1.12. This is their biggest drop since before June! What's the reason please?
Here's the ASX chart for last 3 months or so and they have been making gains, but suddenly the drop!
Hills - closed at $1.12?
Four announcements this week were:
  1. Jennifer Helen Hill-Ling purchased 50,00 shares at $1.1967 to $1.9774 announced today!
  2. David Moray Spence director purchased 50,000 shares at $1.20.
  3. Edward Noel Pretty did not purchase any shares as the incoming MD of Hills Holdings.
  4. This is just after PPT reduced its shares by over 1% (a 12.03% voting power holder in Hills)!
With the Annual General Meeting announced for 1st November 2012 - it is amazing the consolidation of shares by the board - watch the trading over the next two months (less) - and unfortunately the price!

It is rumoured there is a (big) snake in the Hills camp - leak, bites, slithering etc.
I have got a photo of the tail - but it's big and coming quickly! May someone pretty find it first!

There is a lot more of this slithering creature hiding in the rock wall of secrecy!
That is a actual photo of The Phantom Roofers (Queensland) hand holding the Slithering Snakes tail!

How about Hills Holdings board come clean with all the recent trading etc! 1st November 2012 is not far away!


  1. Hills has dropped 12 cents since Ted Pretty started 4 days ago and from about $5.00 to $1.09 (about 80%) since Jennifer Hill-Ling took over from her dad Bob Hill-Ling seven years ago. That makes Ted look pretty good !

  2. Hills will go back up quickly once the steel businesses are sold off. That will be the new MD's first job for sure.

    Keep your eyes on Bluescope, will be a good buy if iron ore and coal prices keep falling and the Australian $ falls with them, cheaper inputs, dearer imports, big profits !

    1. Cant see hills appointing a high paid ceo for fielders in the near future as it will be sold and soon. Just a waste of dollars