Friday, September 7, 2012

BlueScope South Africa?

BlueScope has a South African Group.

This is probably a mistake - as I read the 188 page Financial report for BlueScope Steel Limited (ASX Code:BSL) for twelve months ended June 30 2012 there is a mention of this in the subsidiaries.

BlueScope Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd 100% owned!
 OK, they own plently of naming and trademark rights worldwide! What is different about this is - search for South Africa BlueScope on even their own website - you get nothing. Search for SOUTHERN AFRICA and there you have it: incorporated into the BlueScope website is all the details of BlueScope South Africa. The same as any Australian, Asian, etc BlueScope and linked to corporate BlueScope yet not in the world detail breakup. What I would like to know is the income and expenses of running the sales office in South Africa at:
BlueScope Steel Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
Black River Park North
Block D, Ground Floor
Fir Street, Observatory
P O Box 12996
Mowbray, 7705 South Africa

Contacts Wayne Miller GM and Andrew Slot BDM?

How can they run a BlueScope Office 100% owned by BSL with no reference to money flow? Their rollformer supply list is nearly 80 odd - and these guys aren't small. If it is all through Coil export, where are the figures? Even if they where small sized rollformers ($1,000,000 per month) you have $8 million plus in coil?

The video of BlueScope SA on fixing a concealed fix BlueScope roof is actually better than any produced locally in Australia. Look here:

BlueScope Installation South African Style - Good video!
This is a BlueScope owned South African Company - with the ending - a BlueScope company operating with South African connections. The same website that displays the videos have two other BlueScope Steel productions - with one on sustainability of steel. Another shareholder meeting item to raise with the board?

Also find the South African connections within rollformers in Australia today and look at the connections with South Africa. Very interesting indeed. What's happening Mr O'Malley?

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  1. Massive social housing projects throughout Africa at the moment. We have dozens of machines all throughout Africa, with a very large concentration in South Africa itself. Light Steel Framing is strong in these social housing projects, as is steel roofing.
    This projects across Africa sum up to the millions of houses.
    Plenty of steel rolling over there, check out South African Steel Framing Association. who are the SA counterpart to
    Perhaps SASFA could shed some light on the BSL office over there?