Thursday, August 16, 2012

Roofing and Rolling through August with The Roofer!

Roofing News in Mid August!

Just a few updates on the latest developments in the industry! Starting with Lysaghts latest release of the new Spanscreen (which is now on the website), then the value of the missing Lysaght Referees, Steel Efficiency Review new website and finishing with EXPO time. And next weeks preview - The ALP's Manufacturing Taskforce!!

SpanScreen by Lysaght!
Spandek sheets in a fence and available NOW! As the website says:

Featuring a deep trapezoidal profile, the new LYSAGHT SPANSCREEN™ steel fence is our boldest, most contemporary style to date.
Boldest & contemporary! You're joking! And a new colour - which is it - there are four available to choose from!
Spanscreens New Colours - WOW!
Must be Silverleaf - the brand new colour release! Looks like faded Plantation!

Lysaght Referees - which ones are missing!

Most of the Lysaght offices, retail outlets have the Lysaght Referees on display - and some older ones are collecting large amounts on eBay and some copies are even been valued at $1,000 plus by collectors. Seems that the stock take at Lysaght has revealed serious loses of these historic books - the collections in each outlet seems to have been decimated! An old Lysaght Referee is more valuable than the Gold Watch handshake!

Which copies are missing?
EBay will be interesting viewing over the next 6 months or so! The price increases may even rival BlueScope share increase on the ASX over the last three days! Middle management up, are being seen as the most likely offenders! Naughty, naughty - just because your bonuses have been cut this year!

Steel Efficiency Review?

Turn steel into GOLD, a proven tool to sharpen your profit projections, review a simple 7 step guide!
Turn Steel into Gold - New Review!
 Guess who this is (Click on the caption)? What a terrific role model to go to for business advice!

EXPO Time!

Who's there at the combined show at 16-19 August 2012, Melbourne Exhibition Centre for HIA Green Expo and Herald Sun Home Show?  I still think the roofing industry should have a united Roofing Expo each year - rotate through the capital cities each year - there would be big benefits for all.

Manufacturing Taskforce?????

Next week - a review on the Julia Gillards Manufacturing Taskforce (JGMT) which was handpicked - today called for:
"a new skills package to enable manufacturing workers to adapt to new technologies to improve their competitiveness of their production lines"
The PM announced last December a $250 million plan to transform the industry - to date : NOTHING! So what's this new Skills Package going to bring???? Stay tuned to The Roofer! We will adapt! Where's Peter Beattie???? Still on huge money and writing for The Australia and numerous newspapers!!WTF!       
Here they are today MEETING?? Report at the Uni Website "The Conversation"
Julia Gillards Manufacturing Taskforce - where's the roofing industry???
Not looking good so far! Next Week!!


  1. Sheet Metal Supplies have been doing the 'Steel Efficiency Review' (albeit under a different name) for some time now. The rebrand seems to have done wonders to give it more exposure.

  2. Prepainted Person!

    Sheet Metal Supplies is still operating - another useless website employing no generation of income non-steel industry nerds! They are all under the BlueScope banner!

    The BlueSope Board should go through the whole IT Australian websites and this is a question that will be asked at the November shareholders meeting!

    Prepainted Person (flogging a dead horse link) - The rebrand would be more effective if BlueScope used Twitter etc (which announced ASX reports months old - just 8 hours ago?). IT & marketing by BlueScope is probably the slowest on the planet. Good grief - even Fielders beat BlueScope in this regard!

    No one outside the industry knows that either "Sheet Metal Supplies" nor "Steel Efficiency Review" even exist!