Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mobile Mill Rollformer - Who owns this?

Deep Rib Mobile Mill from Vietnam!

Who has built this machine and for who!
Deep Rib Mobile Mill
Just got this photo from a source in Vietnam! A rollforming manufacturer! Anyone seen this before?

Also stories of mobile mill train mills - up to 8 carriages - simply load and deliver - details shortly on this new mobile train rollformer TRAIN that will operate in Queensland and West Australia!

Basic plan below:
Train Mobile Mills
This is from a design site in China! Go to the hot spots - roll and leave!

Asia is on the move!


  1. Try looking up M Metal Singapore - they seem to have profiles which carry the same name as one of the (barely) Top 5 companies in Australia. Looks like there has been a swap of technology and intellectual property.

    Although not sure how some of the M Metal photos look suspiciously like Case Studies in Australia (Adelaide Airport? Darwin Convention Centre?).

    In order to have a wide pan for Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic systems this Aussie company needed something to validate their claim of having a Solar Architecture range.

  2. RF55... Aramax... they have certainly done a deal - your correct Anon those are Australian photos but there is a disclaimer saying used with permission from FI_LD_RS Australia (anyone care to buy another vowel?)

    1. Also in the company profile -

      "M Metal Pte Ltd is affiliated with established and reputed companies such as Taiwan's Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd and Fielders Australia Pty Ltd. Our product-range has been tested and meets local and international standards"