Monday, August 27, 2012


Hills Holdings has a new MD

Copy of the announcement below:
Ted Pretty has vast experience in IT and this has been the big performers for Hills over the last few years. Hard decisions will come - especially for Fielders and then Orrcon!

Ted Pretty when at Telstra

morning all

write today with news of an important change that will be announced this morning and will take effect
shortly within our Group. After four years
heading up the Hills Group, Graham Twarlz is to step down after
the Board of his intention to retire from his executive role.
You all
know Graham very well and would be familiar with his contribution to Hills over almost two decades
Finance Director, Company Secretary and of course as Managing Director since 2008. Graham has
off a long list of achievements at Hills of which he can be very proud. He guided the Company
the challenge of the global financial crisis, he has continually fostered and developed new talent
leaders within the business, and he has implemented significant changes that have enhanced our
performance across the Group.
has been a big part of Graham's life over the past two decades. We sincerely thank him for the role
he has
played in continuing to build on our unique culture and we wish him every success for the future. I
that many of you will want the chance to speak with Graham, to thank him for his work and friendship
and to
properly say farewell. We will work with Graham to ensure an opportunity to do so occurs in the
near future.
As we
look ahead, Ted Pretty will be our new Managing Director and his flrst day on the job will be
Monday 3 September.
Ted's background includes eight years as a Group Managing Director at Telstra,
he led Technology lnnovation and Products, four years at Macquarie Capital as Global Head of
Telecommunications, five
years as Chairman of Fujitsu Australia - a Japanese owned information
company, and six years as Chairman and director of RP Data - the leading property data and
company in Australia. Most recently, Ted was Group Chief Executive Offìcer at Gulf Finance
BSC, and a strategic advisor to a number of businesses, including Mahindra Group, one of lndia's
industrial and technical companies.
Ted's executive
experience spans a broad range of sectors represented within our Group - including
industrials, flnance, media and technology. More specifìcally, the core functions Ted has
performed in
his career, including product sourcing and development, business network development and
supply chain
management, make him a natural fìt for Hills.
example, in his time at Telstra, Ted was responsible for sourcing and deploying new
telecommunications technology
into the Telstra network, managing the information technology platforms
which the services were provided and forming strategic partnerships to deliver these services to more
customers. This
included leading Telstra's push into internet access through BigPond and other
Group is one of lndia's largest industrial conglomerates with business holdings in steel
production and
products, automotive products, engineering services, telecommunication and lT services
and business
process outsourcing. As its Australian branch Advisory Chairman, Ted provides advice to
assist a
spectrum of businesses across the Group on building reach and forging relationships with
Australian companies and government
agencies. This experience will give him clear insights into the
opportunities within the Building
and lndustrial Division.
relevant experience in the sectors in which we operate promises to be of great benefit to Hills. While
he has worked with some
of the largest companies in Australia and around the world, he has a strong
of the drivers of success in smaller businesses similar to many of those across our Group.
are very pleased with his appointment and I know Ted is excited to be joining Hills as we enter a new
phase of growth.
is critical that our next phase of growth is grounded on a review of the strategic fit and profitability of our
existing businesses with
a focus on the sustainability of our business models and the efficiency of our
supply chains. The Board looks
fonruard to Ted undertaking this work and working closely with our Senior
Leadership Team and all of you
to increase the rate of implementation of our growth strategies. Ted will be
visiting all of our operations early in his new role and you will have the chance
to meet him then.
Please be assured that while
this marks a new era for Hills, we are very proud of our heritage and will
maintain our status as a leading
corporate entity and employer in South Australia. Thank you for taking the
to read this note and we look forward to providing more information in the near future.


  1. Middleton gone, Twartz gone, Jenny Hill-Ling next ?

  2. The divestment prices for Orrcon and Fielders just got cheaper !

  3. the shareholder meeting will be interestingg.
    better not be any bonuses for the big people.

  4. Slash'n'BurnTuesday, August 28, 2012

    Mr Pretty will write down everything in sight (especially the building division) and sell it off cheap, clear the decks and blame Twartz