Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fielders CEO Resigns or was FiXXXXXX???

CEO Fielders Australia


See Keith Middleton still enjoying Fielders by spreading the good word for Hills on video:
A must see before it is removed - amazingly slow at the old Hills IT section!!

Wonder how long before they remove it?? 10 minutes, 1 Hour or 1 week, etc etc hazard a guess?

CLICK on the Caption below the screen snap! Or  HERE
You then have to Click on Keith and sit back and watch & listen:

Hear from our Ex - executives - even after they've gone!

Job ID: 2012-1185- Number 1# Positions: 1
Job Location: AU- Adelaide     Posted Date: 23/08/2012
Category: Big Kahuna CEO                Internal Closing Date: 23/09/2012
More information about this job:
  • Manufacturing and Sales designed to make a profit 
  • Innovative national organisation without a CEO.
  • Exciting and challenging role - Really challenging.
  • Excellent career opportunity - Exciting - the most excited role available.
Fielders Australia is an iconic success story in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative steel roll-form product solutions to the building, construction and engineering markets.

The CEO is responsible for the growth, sales performance and profitability in the Australian business. The successful applicant will develop and drive effective sales strategy for the promotion of Fielders innovative product range, possess a solid understanding of manufacturing operating systems and a strong customer service ethos.  Reporting directly to the Hills Board, The CEO will lead the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and therefore holds the top position in Australia. Number One / The Big Kahuna!!

Key accountabilities of this role include: 
  • Return Fielders to Profitability
  • Ensuring employees operate in a Safe Working Environment and have a job at the end of 2013
  • Business Development and smart
  • Customer Relationship Management - verbal
  • Achievement of Sales Targets - ie: which are now set as higher
  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics if possible
  • Leadership and People Management not to hard on everyone!
The successful applicant will have the proven ability to build and lead a winning team of sales, manufacturing and logistics personnel as well as a comprehensive understanding of market trends and strong customer relationship focus. And above all - not lose money! Understand!

Well this was unexpected as butter on a sandwich!
Was it a resignation or was it forced?
The coming week will tell!
Fielders went from over $330 million T/O with $20 million plus EBIT in 2008/2009 to:
a rummoured $250 million T/O with ZERO EBIT in 2011/2012 (To be confirmed)?

Stay tuned for a poll on this tomorrow!


  1. Maybe you should apply for the KAHUNA CEO role Roofer !

  2. paul zuckerman will get this role by default

  3. if a takeover is happening it could be a short term position... any news on why he left?

    1. Very short possibly!
      As Tinman says - Paul Zuckerman could be the one!
      But I doubt he would take it if offered!

      Grapevine says Keith was pushed, prodded & finally poked!

  4. possibilities are

    1/ pushed or made scapegoat of
    2/ jumped- he's a smart guy, he'd know if there is a sale he wont be needed
    3/ simply moving on

  5. He would have been quietly asked to leave. Takeover? If Hills are smart they will search externally. Too much damage has already been done. Maybe a fresh face is what they need......

  6. Matt Lloyde is the only internal man who could do the job

  7. Only fairly new to Fielders but East Coast Manager, Chris Goodall has made some big changes and could be considered.

    1. no chance, chris would have to jump 2 rungs (over matt) wont happen. The east is still coughing and spluttering, hardly worth hanging your hat on.

    2. Susan McDonald is their CFO and is the brains behind the place

  8. Could it be Paul Zuckerman will "inherit" the role??? The sooner the better for Hills and perhaps for the industry as a whole.

    1. Maybe Jason Lang will withdraw his resignation as Fielders State Manager WA now Middleton has been given the shove? He was really popular with the customers and his staff, a real loss to Fielders.

    2. what a basket case the place would be if they allowed that. If you resign you see it through, especially at that level of management. I heard jason is moving on to a better gig (more $$, managing more people)

    3. If Roofer's figures on Fielders EBIT falling by $20 million to zippo are right then 'Basket Case' is a good description Tinman!

  9. Some people are so far off the money here

    Paul Zuckerman - Would be a massive step down for him, no chance
    Chris Goodall - Too green and yet to prove anything really, done a good job so far lots left to do tho
    Jason Lang - Losing him is a real blow, but he has moved onto a bigger role
    Matt Lloyde - great bloke, great sales man, has enough trouble managing the team he has now the bloke is stretched so thin and there is no one within Fielders to take on his work load
    Trevor - I'd like to know any of the rollformers who are making any profit at all let alone @ 2008/2009 levels

    Lets hope Hills don't fill the position with a corporate nuffy who has no idea about the industry, Fielders needs a CEO who can win customers and not just do presentations to the board, keith has done a good job but knowing the product and dealing with customers has never been a strong point

    1. Not NG Tinman, he should be following KM out the door as well as he is a big part of SA's problem

    2. Anon,

      You're missing the point. it wouldn't be a step down it could be an addition to his current role as CEO Fletchers Steel.

    3. Rumour has it KM has gone to be the lead singer of a band! Not sure if it's The "Easybeats" or The "Pretenders"

    4. Banga,

      Fletchers are not any closer to a deal to buy fielders than they were a year ago, no one wants to buy it and why would they as Hills are simply asking too much.

  10. roofer, not sure if your having ago at keithy or not with getting people to watch that clip but i think he spoke well in it

    1. Tinman,
      I think Keith Middleton was a successful change CEO, actually coming from Retail to Manufacturing! But only with mentoring in his early years at Fielders!
      The reason for the video inclusion is the fact that Hills Board should take responsibility for the results of their actions! Just look at their ASX share price! All board members seem involved in EVERYTHING!
      The clip (however long it lasts) does do Keith justice.

    2. I agree with Tinman maybe if he didn't have his hands tied he may have had more impact - Roofer your right the Hills Boards mismanagement has driven this once proud company to rock bottom - where they go from here is yet to be seen.

  11. The Australian Shareholsers Association and the Hills shareholders should call for a vote of no confidence in the Hills board. I don't think the Hill-Ling family have enough shares to block a vote. Accountability is what it's all about. I bet Keith could give us some very interesting insights on the Hills board.

  12. Does anyone know if KM has got a job to go to?

  13. Fletcher Results out see page 26 for Steel results. EBIT down but not as bad as Hills

    1. Graham Twartz has just resigned! On your say so Anon?