Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Roofing & Rollforming News


The future of  BSL will depend on the release of their End of Year P/L results - expectation? Who knows the outcome.
Mr. Marius Kloppers, the BHP boss has given up his right to a potential $5 million in bonus payments this F/Y - wonder if Mr. O'Malley has promised the same along with other management of BlueScope. Not surprising BHP sectioned off BlueScope many years ago - the management are into the honeypot of money that is left!
Here's Marius forgoing his bonus!

I won't take my $5 million now!
O'Malley - BlueScope Boss! I'll have what ever is left Please, pretty please!
This is the problem that BlueScope has, a management (chasing bonus payments) that publicly has a bad profile, and a union movement that is chasing higher wages and conditions! What to do with each group? Well they are both at fault by not being concerned about the company - BOTH have become greedy and will end up with nothing apart from the gifts of government, payouts and in the end everybody will be worse off. I could do a plus and minus chart of what to do with this company - but it would fill a separate BLOG site and the end result, will be the banks & the ATO as the only winners!


Well, ASX shares of Hills dropped in line with the general trend, but doesn't look like any future increase in value here. Fielders Steel BLOG site seems neglected over the last 20 days or so, spelling mistakes, no responses on the BLOG, Twitter has gone quiet, and yet all the management have iPhone or Blackberries! Here's a snap of their BLOG with Sydney spelt Sydeny?????

Sydney not SYDENY - please!
 I even commented on the 31st July 2012 - just 6 days ago to correct this - BUT - nothing! If you want to enter new areas of media - please keep it up to date. At about the same time - twitter has nearly ceased posting, from the 12th July 2012? What's happening Keith! Come on - the publicity was going great until nearly 4 weeks ago! I think Jennifer Hill-Ling should grab Leonie to co-ordinate the media and marketing for all Hills business units as currently it seems some have little naps within the Fielders business unit! I'll even take your BLOG link off this site until SYDENY is spelt correctly - you have until Wednesday!
UPDATE: The site has been fixed and even has a new post - about time - see link on the right of this page!

Secondly - has the position of Western Regional Manager been filled yet? So here's a free plug:
Key accountability's of this role include: 
  • Profitability of  WA Business Units
  • Ensuring employees operate in a Safe Working Environment
  • Business Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Achievement of Sales Targets
  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Leadership and People Management

If any people meet these requirements simply email their careers section .


Well what a secretive group they have become. Except for the public profile and total determination for independence in their rollforming and now retailing - they could have been on the same path as the two above - Fielders and BlueScope!

As they say on their new StratcoCatalogues4U web link:
Stratco have over 50 years experience in the building and home renovation market.
Stratco has become one of the largest producers of quality building and home improvement products in Australia and now have state of the art manufacturing facilities in all mainland states of Australia along with a network of home improvement stores throughout the country.
 Here's their latest catalogue:
New Catalogue
Proactive, using promotion extremely well, very independent, and finally utilise the social media extremely well. They like GOLD better than SILVER!

Later Metroll, Revolution, Stramit, Steeline and Apex to be analysed in detail! Some big shocks here!


  1. Alf Stratton from Stratco is a lot smarter than anyone at Bluescope, Fletcher or Hills.

    Stratco rollforming is not dependent on Bluescope because of their massive imports and they are not dependent on rollforming because of their Outback verandahs, their retail and their mining services fabrication.

    1. Spot on KC!

      I think anyone dependent on BlueScope currently should start looking at the Stratco steel import and retail diversification model very quickly!

    2. well he obviously got it wrong in victoria......
      verandahs are still rollformed and whilst i agree not being 100% dependant on bluescope is the way to go, stratco have not won anyone over by using import in the domestic market.

      looking forward to the bias towards the independents and how they are all doing so well and making millions and squillions of profit in this current economic climate :/

      There's no one doing well, there are just different levels of who's doing poorer than the others. It aint pretty, no ones making money...everyones undercutting everyone to the point of doing jobs at cost and relying on rebates, the sooner someone falls over the better.

      There are good industries to be in then there is 50 foot of shit then there is the steel and rollforming industry.

    3. Tinman:
      "looking forward to the bias towards the independents and how they are all doing so well and making millions and squillions of profit in this current economic climate"

      Half correct - Stratco is an independent - and while not making squillions - they are surviving in extremely tough times! Lysaght is doing it extremely hard at the moment and yet RanBuild (Sheds) has been separated off BueScopes business unit. WHY? Maybe the writing is on the wall here?

      Stramit is also doing it tough - Refer FBU reports lately - but still in the game. Metroll are not traveling well currently!

  2. Entrepreneurs and independents make plenty of mistakes because they take risks. Corporates are only worried about keeping their cushy jobs therefore take no risks, do nothing, try to look good and blame the economy for everything.

  3. KC, i somewhat agree with you but facts are facts. housing starts in SA are way way down and people are still either spending on solar or not at all some other home improvement sectors are missing out

  4. Too true and very sad Tinman. Sales are bad everywhere, confidence way down, yet the underlying economy in Australia is very strong and the amongst the best in the western world thanks to mining and rural. The media needs to stop talking things down, and the pollies need to put some big incentives out there to kickstart building and long term investment.

  5. lysaght sa have finally replaced there unpopular kliplok deck. Rolling as of today is the New kliplok classic. A return to 406 but with 700 coverage. Also launched this week is a new fence panel - spanscreen. A panel fence rolled out of spandek that covers 2900mm as opposed to a traditional 2400mm coverage. Should we all be in shock they're finally trying something New and different. And will it be enough. Or is it a case of, too little too late? Now if only they had manning to process and produce the orders they maybe able to offer it more than just twice a week!

    1. Anonymous:
      I have done a new post on your comments above - and find it somewhat unbeivable that these two new releases in SA are not able to be found on the Lysaght website - you are either a manager that has been given this info on the above by senior management that has got no idea or you are senior management with no idea! There is a 3rd alternative -that someone in Lysaght with no idea has leaked this to other rollformers prior to release marketing date and is just stirring the pot!
      What is Spandek 2400mm cover increased to 2900mm mean? The whole comment reaks of BS! "unpopular Kliplok deck" - what are you talking about? "A return to 406 but with 700 coverage" - again what are you talking about?

      Reply please!

    2. 1. i dont work for that mob !
      2. search the lysaght website now for spanscreen. its now available.
      2. my error, wrong terminology, the panel is 2900mm, as opposed to a standard, 2400mm, made up of 4 x spandek fence sheets (700mm coverage per sheet).
      3. no one likes the current hi-strength 700 kliplok deck.
      4. kliplok 406 was very popular (old old deck), kliplok classic is a similar profile to this, but now covers 700 (as opposed to coverage of 406 on the old old old deck [not high strength])

    3. The "new" (what a joke) fencing system from Lysaght was due to be launched a couple of weeks ago but BlueScope couldn't supply the new colour coil in time... no surprises there! Looks like yet another green fencing colour.... just what customers need more oolour choices!! (they already can't make up their minds)

    4. the "new" system looks to feature on better homes and gardens.. in the "new" colour.