Friday, July 6, 2012

WIN Stadium Article Correction!

Article on WIN Stadium Incorrect!

I have made an error on information posted in regards to the POST called Roofing on "WIN Stadium Dislodged". This has been bought to my attention by a comment in that article! I apologise for the incorrect information there.
Here is the content of the comment:


Your story is manifestly incorrect. Please review your own photos of the two different grandstands, Northern (Scott Carver) and Western (NOT Scott Carver).

We feel a footnote might be appropriate to correct the record perhaps?

The roof structure requiring repair was to the WESTERN grandstand, not the NORTHERN Grandstand.

The WESTERN Grandstand;
Was NOT designed by Scott Carver,
Was NOT directed by Robert Perry,
Was NOT built using Australian steel.

The NORTHERN grandstand, which was the first recycled grandstand anywhere in the world, was disassembled and reassembled by Leightons Contractors in 2002.

We remain very proud of the Northern Grandstand as both an environmental and community achievement.

Without the savings in cost to the grandstand born of the relocation process, The NRL would have removed WIN Stadium as a viable rugby league venue.

One should note that the steel for the Northern Grandstand came from steelworks in Young, using Australian steel.

The roof is and always has been suitably bolted down. It has withstood 10 years worth of the best coastal elements very well.

Have a nice day.
Scott Carver Architects.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention - the original article will be corrected shortly!

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