Friday, July 27, 2012

Roofing Updates July

1. Roofer in Trouble Again!

As you can see - there are no advertisements on The Roofer Blog - apparently there is a non-compliance according to Google owned AdSense program policy! Yet they are unable to provide the exact "non-compliance" inside a week - sounds like government! So what does this mean to The Roofer - well nothing - but the fact that my last months payment of $18.03 has not been paid - and I would like all those companies that advertised and people clicked on their ad - to receive a full refund from Google AdSense! N.B. Blogger is also run by Google! The result is that I have determined that no more AdSense ads will be permitted on this site - period! Instead - FREE ads will be run down the left hand side of this BLOG for all industries involved in metal rollforming, roofing and associated industries!

That's right FREE ADS for those involved in the metal roofing industry! This site is about information and news concerning our industry - it does not want ads from Monier Tiles, Solar suppliers and Universities etc! Maybe the comment on "Do not click on Monier Tiles Ad" was the reason!

Within the week there will be a submission area for advertisements to be forwarded.

Free Advertising for Roofing Associated Companies!
2. News on BlueScope.

This is the new website on BlueScope Sustainability?

BlueScope Sustainability Website?
Do we really need a Website for Sustainability by BlueScope - Who has used it? Who has seen it? Who needs it? This is the kind of waste that seems to extend across the BlueScope Brand - have a look at their website and the TEAM members! Then have a look around the site - it is providing nothing to the actual end users of roofing that in the end is currently determined by price! Management in BlueScope seem to designate title to everyone except the factory floor!

Then there is this latest announcement by BlueScope - "BLUESCOPE CONFIRMS EXTERNAL REPORTING SEGMENTS" that contains results for H2 2011 and H1 2012 effectively releasing results for the End of Year Reports. Not good for shareholders!

3. Roofers Top Shoes.

The Roofer was going to delve into the roofing shoe market for an article - it seems the Dunlop Volley is still number 1!

Roofers Dunlop Volley (comes in steel cap also)
They come in black or white and this:
Maybe the Woodstock version!
Have a look at this site - about half way through is the history of the Dunlop sandshoe - still a roofers icon! Then I thought I could redo the shoe to The Roofer SandShoe - but failed:
Just not quite there! Corrugated Volley!

4. Roofing Blogs.

Just looking around at the quality of roofing blogs and came across this one - really good with lots of info and enjoyable reading! This particular article is "10 AWESOME ARCHITECTURAL ACHIEVEMENTS" below is just one of ten amazing pictures. Roo Roofing is not content to just do roofing etc - but gets out there and enjoys the world of build and roofing!
9 other top picks apart from this one - by Roo Roofing! Well done!


  1. The bluescope loss looks close to $1.4 billion is this correct? see ya bluescope.

  2. There are lots of writedowns of old fixed assets in the Bluescope losses, not crystallised until they are sold or closed down.

    $18.03 would buy 75 shares in Bluescope instead of just 2 shares a few years ago !

    1. Trevor, Correct - But Lysaght now is lumped in soley with BlueScope Distribution (Buildings Australia, Water and Ranbuild are now in Global) - is the isolation of these two for selling off later?

      Distribution & Lysaght have about - $40 million Underlying EBIT to - $130 million Reconcilled EBIT for this pair alone? Neither have that large a write down! Unfortunately - some of Lysaghts smaller branches are very near to being empty of stock, people and machinery! What will the outcome be?

      Operating only major plants, go national on sales etc etc!

      They have to do something!

      P.S. Trevor, would you buy shares in BlueScope right now at 25.5 cents each? I wouldn't be game to!

  3. roofer you need to start wearing a tin foil hat by the sounds of it!

    1. I agree with your inference - but it would be a corrugated tin foil hat!

      But then paranoia and persecutory delusions are rife in the rollforming industry!

    2. Anonymous - from the outside it appears that all of this information hints at changes; if you have information to the contrary please let us know.
      Where there's smoke there's usually fire.... and I guess the shareholders know this too...

  4. Has anyone seen this - Is steel really second rate?

  5. Anon,

    Yes, I've seen the article in BPN - but it is all related to Bristile Roofing (tile installer) on a very old report from Berkeley University, you have to consider numerous factors in roofing: go to BASIX website, BlueScope website, BCA website, SEPP codes & Arium website (was called OneSteel)!

    The study did not take into account Life Cycle Analysis, Weight loads, complete roof design, Insulation, Reflectivity etc. The study was guided by the tile industry and hence the bias of the results.

    Also coincidentally - Australia does lead the US in "Green Building" innovation and regulations!