Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roofing News July 2012

Roofing and Rollforming News July 2012

1. BlueScope receives $2.3 million Government Grant.

This is a grant to research and develop Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic systems at BlueScopes facility at Woollongong. It states that BlueScope has been working on the renewable energy project for several years that would to see solar cells rolled onto hot rolled coil, ‘‘so that you can roll-form it straight onto houses’’! 
There are two articles relating to this - one at Building Product News and the other at Electrical Solutions.
This is on top of ASI (Australian Solar Institute) funding earlier for the same project BIPV systems?
Seems to be plenty of income for BlueScope in the solar research area! Nothing new if this is BIPV technology like at Kogarah Council here.

Kogarah Council - Australias largest BIPV Project

But do the unions like them?

2. BlueScope Blue with Unions still on!

A clash between steelworkers and BlueScope Steel is still likely despite problems with a union application to hold a vote authorising industrial action, a key union official said. BlueScope really needs a clash with unions especially with end of year reports due out shortly - not good for the company or its share price? The full report is in The Illawarra Mercury here: read some of the comments at this article - both sides are debating online!

3. Architectural Awards over for 2012!

The awards are all listed here with winners of all states, categories etc: ArchitectureAU - but no mention of roofing - would be good if Roofing and Rollforming Industry could stage its own AWARDS by state and then Overall? Has anyone got any results for their roofing products in the awards above.

One outstanding design was the Far North Queensland winner:

Far North Queensland Winner?
It looks nice - but hopefully has a metal roof. Read more here.

4. End of Year Reports due shortly!

How will the rollformers stack up against each other - there are some impressive turnover figures but with negative EBITs. Selling at a below cost is not a good idea! Report due out by end of July comparing at least 7 Australia Rollformers!


  1. Wow, I've never seen anything like it. The ASI rooftop I mean. I wonder how many panels total and what the wattage is.

    -Sharone Tal

  2. Sharone,
    Initial estimates indicating that the 160 kW/h solar photovoltaic panels produce about 153MWh of electricity total!

    The solar is Amorphous photovoltaics bonded to the colourbond roof sheet!

    And finally this is only a guess - but the roof sheets may be APEX Soladek which has a 400mm pan to allow the flat strip of PV laminate! Does anyone know what sheets were used on this?
    The Roofer