Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Roofing Apex

Apex Steel getting on top!

Apex Steel - a privately owned Australian innovative national organisation that is growing at an unprecedented rate. The Apex Group is a union between some of Australia’s major steel companies that is offering more than the traditional rollformer. They are also steel merchants with structural steel, merchant bar, RHS, SHS, Sheds, Garages and general sheet & coil etc.

While doing the report on Australian rollformers - APEX Group kept on emerging as a big player especially in NSW and QLD. Not only affecting the Top 5's results in these two states, but also very close in SA and VIC! Queensland seems to be the big growth area for Apex - stealing some BIG clients (roofing contractors and shed companies) off some established rollformers! And staff also!

Apex Group
 Also in the previous article - Apex Steel have the Soladek metal roof panels that have a 400mm pan suitable for laminate & Amorphous photovoltaic panels that require no brackets, fixings or penetrations! A system that does not void the roofing contractor warranty!

Apex Soladek
 Here are the details of the Soladek or go to the website:

Apex Soladek Specifications
So here is another privately owned company (like Stratco) who seem to making big inroads into the rollforming market that have been dominated by the BIG 5!

Steeline (a large group of independent rollformers) are also making inroads in the difficult times. Results soon on the Australian Rollformer end of year performance!


Only one other profile that comes close to the Soladek is MaxLine 340 from Revolution Roofing - although not quite wide enough for the 380mm laminate PV solar strips - there are narrower versions of solar laminates available - and MaxLine 340 spans are greater and do not require structural ply underlay - so a balance has to be made economically!
Revolution MaxLine 340
 Also would like to see some of BlueScopes highly subsidised (grants) new BIPV profiles. As you can see from the photo below  - BlueScope is a distant last in adapting two different industries together (Solar & Metal Roofing)!

New Solar Technology from BlueScope!!! You've got to joking!
If this is all they can come up with then, BlueScope is in trouble! Why even have the corrugated underneath! Why run opposite to the roof profile ? What happens to the drainage running the laminates at 90 degrees to the corrugated? I think the other rollformers should start to lobby government for grants in this regard and let BlueScope slowly drift off into the stone age! Has anyone got photos of the research in Wollongong - especially the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre building which is still under construction! The photo above explains the comment below from ECONEWS here: a big worry if this is all they can come up with!

The BIPVT retrofit system involves refurbishment of an existing roof by adding a new roof deck above the existing surface.
The new roof deck incorporates solar cells, and air then flows in the duct created under the new roof surface.
This air flow will not only help cool the solar cells during warm weather, improving generation efficiency, but it will also help to heat and cool the building! (WHAT A BUNCH OF GARBAGE - The Roofer)
A BIG WORRY if this is how the grants are being spent! Mr. Martin Ferguson - do you know what you are actually looking at in this photo below - and then you grant them $2.3 million to carry on to develop the BIPV system: YOU HAVE to be joking!
This is laminate PV film stuck to corrugated colorbond roofing - thank you for the money, Martin!

Martin Ferguson being conned out of $2.3 Million Aussie Dollars! This is not BIPV Martin!
 Get onto you local MP - this is not good for the CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE! There are even roof screws holding it down for FS!


  1. In the previous article I commented that the metal roof is APEX Soladek - still unable to confirm this!
    See article here:

  2. unions threaten stike = bluescope get grant for research from ferguson the union man

  3. If you check out nearly all the Rollformers websites you will see a myriad of solar profiles to hit the market, both in steel profiles and tile replacement.
    all of which seem miles ahead of Bluescopes add a flashing over the profile.

    1. Very true! ... What is annoying is this BIPV claim - when the photo shows just as you said - "add a flashing over the profile". To date the grants in this area total over $3 million - BlueScope management are not capable of developing integrated solar roof sheeting! Stratco has a roof cladding solar system all in one (see You Tube )

      As you said the solar laminate producers in conjunction with rollformers could apply the PV laminates at point of manufacture! ASI (Asustralian Solar Institute) seems imbedded with BlueScope!

  4. that soladek looks like it can just be folded as a flashing

    1. bang on tinman - i think its fairly uninspiring to look at. my main concern is the 300mm+ gap between ribs this will need to have a marine ply sheeting laid underneath = $$$ expensive per m2
      Have revo rolled their maxline 340 yet? as i believe this will also require some sort of support or its going to be trashed when the product is installed - creases will stick out like the proverbial.
      Also Fielders new blog post - seems like they continue to fail the spelling test - the winner is Sydney.... not Sydeny...
      the market leaders in solar thinking are fielders and stratco however i like the idea of a non obtrusive paint applied pv sheeting - but was BlueScope deserving of more of our tax dollars? we will have to start calling them Grant.

    2. Nice pickup SW
      Fielders spelling is heading the same direction as their share price!

      Haven't seen APEX nor Revo installed!

      Tata Dyesol have been working on the paint applied PV system on roof sheeting for nearly 4 years - nothing yet - check DYE ASX performance!

      GRANT - new term for BLUESCOPE - :)

  5. Heard there was some bloodshed out west today,

    1. Anything to do with the Fielders Website "CAREERS" being down for maintenance today??

      Watch this carefully on Monday for results! Wangarra ???
      End of F/Y results not good?

    2. Word is Fielders and Lysaght WA both are looking for new state managers as of yesterday? Musical chairs ?

    3. lysaghts made their regional manager redunadant and the fielders regional manager resigned as he has a better gig

    4. rumour is more cuts to go at lysaght tomorrow with the big boss now visiting SA... Lysaght has already significantly downsized as well as closing a site to squeeze on to 1. Beginning of the end?

    5. the writing has been on the wall for some time now

    6. More redundancies in NSW & VIC this week for Lysaght!

      Some sites are barely functional to cater for customers - could well be a downhill spiral!

      Transport is the other problem facing Lysaght - virtually non existant currently!

    7. This is an extract from an article about Accolade Wines shutting down their Reynella bottling plant by SA premier Jay Weatherill:
      "Like many of the industries we've seen shedding workers in recent years, there's a big adjustment going on in our economy. Many enterprises are finding it really tough with the high Australian dollar," he said during a visit to Canberra."

      "Some particular industries are having shake-outs, like the wine industry."

      I would like to point out that the roofing industry is experiencing a similar "shakeout" at the moment with Lysaght trying to minimize overheads to remain competitive. If you cant reduce costs and streamline your business expenses the shareholders will be out for blood.

    8. Surely lysaght gillman couldn't downsize anymore. 1 shift means inflexible service offer, no one manning the sales desk, poor transport contract and outdated staff and management well past there use by date.

  6. Figures on the latest ASX report from BlueScope today don't look good - EBIT could be close to over $100 million lost in last 2011 - 2012 F/Y! Not good - thnk some heads will roll in management in distribution and Lysaght in Australia!

    1. Also, I think O'Malley may be on his last legs - restructuring the company cannot hide the huge negative to the shareholders!

      Overseas her they go!

    2. I think the layoffs were done too late... this restructuring should have happened 6 months ago. Word is Hills continue to cut the fat from their business - sad state of affairs for the whole industry.

    3. Plenty of fat to cut, plenty of people getting big pay packages while earnings and share prices keep falling

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