Monday, July 2, 2012

Government Minister does not represent roofing industry?

Minister for Trade - MP Mr. Craig Emerson
This Bloke is a Joke!

Background of the Bloke?

After reading this below, watch the video below and tell me that we are in good hands with people like this in Government! How can this government represent business, big, small etc honestly and with a true belief in helping the roofing industry through these hard times!

Craig Emerson has been the Member for Rankin since 1998.

After the 2010 federal election he was appointed the Minister for Trade. Prior to that, he had portfolio responsibility for small business, competition policy, consumer affairs and deregulation.
Craig holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) Degree from the University of Sydney, a Master of Economics Degree from the University of Sydney and a PhD in Economics from The Australian National University. 
He has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at The Australian National University and has 17 publications to his name, including a book setting out a vision and plan for Australia's future.  Since becoming a parliamentarian Craig has had more than 70 opinion pieces published in national newspapers.
Professionally, he has been Secretary of a Queensland Government Department, CEO of a Queensland Statutory Authority, Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Economic Analyst at the United Nations.  
Craig was a senior policy adviser to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, former Premier Wayne Goss and earlier to Finance Minister Peter Walsh.
In addition to his more than 25 years of public policy work, Craig has successfully run his own small business.
Craig's other interests include Rugby Union and Rugby League and he still plays a few games for the Parliamentary Rugby Union Team.

So above is this blokes experience and qualifications:- Now look at this interview on the ABC News!

Minister of Trade - how can Australian businesses, industry, and manufacturers put up with this idiot!
At least make him a backbencher - and possibly dock him a years salary! Maybe send him to Whyalla and put him on the factory floor for a year!

The Goose of the Year!


  1. Confirms to me that you can have all the degrees in the world but it doesn't beat real world experience.
    I wonder if these clowns have spoken to OneSteel about Whyalla (or have even been there?) This carbon tax is quickly becoming a farce - Combet himself has admitted they don't know how its going to be received and have reserved the right to modify it on the go... - and we give these type of people control of the nation. I don't think goose goes far enough.

  2. Truly unbelievable, we have idiots like this that make decisions (or can't make a decision) that effects this country, i agree with SILENTWITNESS.

  3. Polly Pay rise - this government keeps surprising me with the new low's they are prepared to go.... the blue collar workers are losing their jobs offshore but our politicians get a fat bonus in their payslip.
    What are these clowns going to do next? Full marks to Senator Nick Xenophon for calling for the pay rise to be scrapped - finally an independent member not dancing to the bigger parties tunes...