Monday, July 16, 2012

Carbon Tax to be Replaced!

CO2 Emissions Project to reduce emissions by 23 to 30%.

Manufacturing, retail, residents, everyone would be better off!


Well this isn't The Roofer that has discovered this - but I am amazed by that fact that our Government and Mr. Combet, Julia Gillard or Wayne Swan hasn't made this public! Why!
Because The Greens demand that coal or fossil fuel electricity generation has to cease at all costs. That means the CO2 Tax at $23.00 per tonne - and this hits us, the people, the business owners, the roofers, the truck drivers, the families etc! Yes! July 1st came and went without the sky falling in - but who in Australia believed this stupid campaign as expressed by the GOOSE of roofing Mr. Craig Emerson?

The following article is astounding - read it carefully and us all know what you think!

It is by an Australian guy going by the ALIAS of "TONY FROM OZ" or real name Anton - and this is the link to his article done some 12 months ago on 19th July 2011! Easy reading and common sense oozes from his article!

Remember this guy "Tony from Oz" - he makes a lot of sense!

23 to 30% reduction in CO2 emissions without CO2 Tax or RET's, REC's, Department of Climate Change, Department of Clean Energy Future etc etc etc etc etc ! How much extra will this save alone without all the parasites!

CO2 Emissions Reduction – A Radical Plan

The big factor in all of this is growth: If we don't update or install new power supplies very soon - even NSW alone will run short of generated electricity. Forget wind and solar - or we will only work on windy sunny days.

Look at this - NSW Summer demand outlook to 2018?
And you say thElla just put up the price - The RET's , CO2 Tax, and the new MRRT are main drivers of electricity price rises in Australia! China's retail, industry and commercial prices were decreased by nearly 8% as a result of decrease in coal price!

Rollformers machines need power 24/7 every day of the week across Australia.

This rollformer in China pays 6 cents AUD per kWH AMAZING
A POLL will be set up shortly to record what people think of this new idea in the column on the right - please vote - Craig Emerson, Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan and Greg Combet may even read it!
So we can cut emissions of CO2 by 23 to 30% by allowing coal fired power generators to upgrade and allow Australia to investigate the viability of these new GREEN SUSTAINABLE energy sources that so far have not delivered!

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