Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roofing Rollformer last!

Rollformer nearly on its last legs!

One of the major rollformers is heading to oblivion - at the end of a shocking year in sales and EBIT - the head company has lost all hope for a sale! There are only three companies in this position:

  1. Lysaght - owned by BlueScope.
  2. Stramit - owned by Fletcher Building.
  3. Fielders - owned by Hills Holdings.
What do we know about these three companies?

First is BlueScope:
BSL - BlueScope down to less than 30 cents?
Second is Fletchers:
FBU - Fletchers down to around $4.70?
Third is Hills:
HIL - Hills Holdings down around $1.00?
If you go to previous values a number of years ago, BlueScope is the huge leader in share devaluation, Hills Holdings not far behind and Fletchers a long third! The results at the end of 2011 - 2012 F/Y figures are going to be telling - although we will never know the exact failure of these three rollformers - but one will be at the end of its existence in Australia.

No takeover, No sale, No Hope!
P.S. Independents are on the rise in terms of turnover!

BlueScope to shed another 100 jobs?
Read the article here STRIKE THREAT BLUESCOPE?

AWU Port Kembla branch secretary Wayne Phillips
Not saying through this - that Lysaght is in trouble - but would be very hard for this company to exist without the support of BlueScope! Maybe Julia can save them also, like Alcoa will be at Point Henry in a the next week!

How long will BlueScope last???


  1. yes... Fielders

  2. whats going on with Hills and BlueScopes share price? Both defying the local market by continuing to fall - does someone know something we don't?