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Roofing News - June 2012

Roofing News BlueScope, Iron Maiden & More

BlueScopes Scrap Iron Maiden for $5  million?

Bhavnagar is located in the state of Gujarat on India's west coast, on the Gulf of Khambat, slightly north of the Alang ship-breaking yards, the final destination for thousands of ageing vessels that are run up on the beach and torn apart by an army of labourers. Here is a picture of the ship wrecking beach:

Bhavnagar Ship Beach Area!
The Iron Monarch was last located at this GPS position just anchored off the coast as of 10th June 2012.
The 10,584-tonne vessel received a $17 million overhaul last year and was sold reportedly between 4 and 5 million dollars! What a bargin for BlueScope! No more reports on GPS have been updated at http://www.marinetraffic.com/ for The Iron Monarchs location! It has disappeared - into scrap! The last report was by the Illawarra Mercury here.

This is 10,584 tonnes of steel now being recycled for new products by India for overseas markets!

BlueScope Blames Steel Dumping Cost it $50 million???

THE Customs and Border Protection Service has launched a formal investigation into alleged dumping of steel products on the Australian market, which is claimed to have cost local steel producers $50 million.
It follows a preliminary investigation by the service, acting on a complaint by BlueScope Steel. The manufacturer alleged hot rolled coil had been dumped from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan between April 2011 and March 2012.
Read more: Dumping Costs $50 million!
What! They just dump steel and no one uses it???
Is it OK if Coil steel is produced in India and coated by the BlueScope TATA joint venture and imported into Australia under the brand of ZincAlum etc! But no good if other rollformers bring in coil that meets Australia Standards???? If they didn't lose so much on the sale of the MV Iron Monarch - then maybe this could all be believable! Also - what are Customs and Border Protection Service going to do now - as most of this steel will be in buildings etc! Let's investigate some more - plenty of money to spare for good old BlueScope who's hit hard times. Maybe the government should look at itself - and let business carry on with business!

Maybe - they could promote that your new Colorbond roof has a little bit of MV Iron Maiden in it!

MaxLine 340 - by Revolution!

Just caught this on SteelSelect! Maxline 340 - by Revolution Roofing:
Here's a short summary from their Brochure!
The main feature is the free span capability without plywood underlay! Has anyone got photos of new projects using this product.

Overall - it seems that between Stramit, Stratco, Revolution and Fielders - they all have started some innovative roofing research and development right through to production.  What's happened to Lysaght and Metroll please!
Perfect for both walling & roofing, the patented, free span
technology of the MaxLine 340 unique installation system
allows self spanning up to 1500mm without the need for
marine ply.
With a 325mm pan width and a 53mm rib height, the
MaxLine 340 is the widest fl at pan profile on the market
that does not require an unsightly stiffener.
Able to go down to a 1 degree pitch, the MaxLine 340 is
the ideal choice for specifiers looking for an economical &
stylish solution for any project.
Get the European flat pan zinc & copper look without the
expense thanks to Revolution Roofing’s new & exclusive
flat pan, needle rib roofing & cladding profile.
Plus, as there are no stiffeners with the new MaxLine 340,
the chance of unsightly oil canning is eliminated.
Nothing Underneath - Catchy Advert!

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