Saturday, June 9, 2012

Red Tape Rollforming!

A Guide to Rollforming Red/Green Tape in Australia!

What to do? I found this at the Clean Energy programs and assistance page of which is an Initiative of the Australian government. This is where I started to find out how I can reduce my carbon footprint (lower bills to follow hopefully?)

Start Here? There are links to all the following websites!

 AusIndustry  website for more information on the Clean Technology Programs.
 Clean Energy Future  website for information on Clean Technology Focus for Supply Chains.
 Energy Efficiency Exchange (EEX)  website for more information on reducing costs and emissions.
 Clean Energy Future  website for information on Energy Efficiency Information grants.
 Low Carbon Australia  website for more information on the carbon neutral program.
 Clean Energy Future  website for more information on the carbon price.
 ACCC  website for information on carbon price claims.
 Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)—
 Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE)
 Renewable Energy Target (RET)
 Clean Energy Finance Corporation to invest in businesses seeking funds
 Australian Research Council grants
 Cooperative Research Centres funding
Further information on Australia’s Clean Energy Future is available at
The Government’s LivingGreener website provides information on living sustainably and links all Commonwealth, state and territory energy efficiency and climate change programs.

Step 1.
Choose one of the following links at the bottom of the page above to get started: I clicked on the The Clean Energy link above and got:
Clean Enery Future - click here!
Step 2.
Not much to help - but found the HELP Business link at the bottom for another page with and article on the Steel Transformation Plan here:

Steel Transformation Plan - Click here!
Not applicable to rollformers as BlueScope and OneSteel have already got all the money for this! Next please!

Step 3.
Then found a link from the above site to the same department for Manufacturing and discovered the Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Manufacturing that held it's third meeting in Canberra on May 25th. This looks better- NOT!
Communiqué - May 2012 - here's the outcome of that meeting!  Not much here either - but found that the government is having an Economic Forum in Brisbane on 12th & 13th June - searched for info and found this

"Gillard economic forum to focus on jobs"

The same old stuff - and no rollformer or relevant roofing people here - not even Peter Beattie - Man of Steel! - only these guys from industry - Businesses represented include Telstra, Boeing, IBM, Rio Tinto, Macquarie Group, QR National, Westpac, Google Australia, Mirvac and GM Holden.  Next!

Step 4.
Finally found an article entitled "Government helps manufacturers reduce costs" and its at the minister of all ministers - Mr. Greg Combet! I'm on a winner here!
The Hon Greg Combet - click here!
It says "The first 13 grants from the Gillard Government's $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Programs will help manufacturers reduce their energy bills. " - this is exactly what I'm after and they've got a link too! NEXT!

Step 5.
This is the one - AusIndustry site that's helps industry obtain money to reduce energy bills and save the planet!
AusIndustry & The winners of Mr. Combets handouts! Click here!
OK! Starting to look a bit doubtful - no roofing industry names at all - there's CSR Building Products picking up a cool $1,007,733 for a gas fired cogeneration system plus another 1/4 million dollars for kilns & dryers - must be the tile or brick division! And the others are 4 food manufacturers, 4 wine growers, manufacturers etc, 1 independent and 2 for Amcor packaging. ZERO for the metal roofing industry! NEXT! The Clean Technology Investment Program!

Step 5.
Go straight to the application form and the following appears:
Start Application - click here!
Next! The online application- ???

Step 6.
Good Grief - I'm back to the in Step 1 - why couldn't I have gone straight to the form on the website at the start???  Hit COMPLETE THE FORM page - yes nearly there!

Please Wait - Click here!

Step 7.
Drink! Give up until Monday at 9.00am and ring the help line! Why isn't anything simply anymore and Red, Green, Blue Tape is getting worse for all manufacturing!

Apart from BlueScope who have got their own little section called the Steel Transformation Plan money legislated in law at the following:
BlueScopes money written in Stone! Click here!
Was going to do a section on TAX relief for Rollformer but had 85 pages open on the computer and it crashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!1
Another Greg Combet update: New Manufacturing Innovation Centre - only $29.8 million Manufacturing Technology Innovation Centre will bring our brightest researchers and manufacturers together to drive innovation through new and improved industrial products and processes.


  1. how many departments do these fools have?
    how many fools do these departments have?
    how much money do theses fools have?

    giving up soon

  2. innovation in sustainability and renewable energy is the way of the future , steel is a polluting coal using industry and will eventually close. if you cant adapt to the new innovations then you are doomed also. july 1st the carbon trading scheme starts - change away from manufacturing

    1. "Anon"
      That's all garbage - you just bought up all stuff by Mr. Combets office, don't insult manufacturing in Australia with your sustainability junk.

      Your comment is not worth a reply - it'll be deleted shortly! You have your nose, mouth and hand in the CO2 Tax money chain - and you don't give a SH&%T for average workers or companies in this industry!