Thursday, June 7, 2012

Installing a skylight in corrugated roofing!

Installation of Free Skylights?

This video highlights how comfortable we are in Australia - deciding on colour matching, environmentally controlled, or even iPhone remote controlled when choosing a skylight for the roof.

Well think again - some people can do this for free and the video is amazing!

Called "How plastic bottles can lighten up the darkness  VIDEO"

Got this clip off a tweet from @BrisbaneRoofing - thanks! Amazing sheetmetal work with a chisel and hammer - the workmanship looks better than some of the jobs seen in Australia.

BlueScope - massive falls again?

Check it here at the new Stock Market Research Community called (secret website to be released soon)!

Why is BlueScope dropping into the bottom of all manufacturing companies - there is little doubt, that within the year - BlueScope will cease to exist at this rate! Surely directors are going to be held responsible to shareholders for this mess!

FBU or Fletcher Building increased this week (owns Stramit)

Videos of KALZIP
Check out the videos from Kalzip on some of the projects they have completed!


  1. Roofer if you read the BSL press release to the ASX you will find why the shares continue to slide.

  2. Which one SW?
    BlueScope stuffs up ATO assessment?
    BlueScope repurchases of US Private Placement Notes?
    BlueScope does a Global Business Reorganisation?
    BlueScope sells Metl-Span Insulated Metal Panels Business?

    SW - Could you provide the relevent Press Release! Because none of the above cover this slide in recent days!

    I do think this company under current management is becoming a basket case!

  3. SW,
    Forgot to add BSL have close to $1 billion of debt on the books due around 2014! Who would take this company over???

    No one!