Monday, June 11, 2012

Corrugated Roofing Mistake!

Corrugated Iron - Stuff up - now fixed!

Going through the top 7 rollformers in Australia - the corrugated profile is unique and yet common to all - they have the same characteristics of height, number of ribs & valleys, overall width and cover.
Most also come from the same make of rollforming machine, and sometimes from many different machines but with all the same outcome! You can buy a sheet of corrugated iron from the 7 different major rollforming companies or 90 plus independents and you'll get the same profile for your roof, chicken shed or dog kennel! The biggest difference is the finish - be it Galvanised, Colorbond or ZincAlum - all seem to fit easily together! Ask any roofing contractor!

But you go to the product data sheets of the 7 major rollformers and - MISTAKE - big one - so basic that they don't know the difference between cover and overall width! all sheets should be the same width - BUT one is different - which one?

Corrugated Iron, by Adam Mornement and Simon Halloway March 31, 2009 Australia is very familiar with corrugated iron. It almost assumes a national identity. A Very good read.


Not a good outcome in regard to technical detail!

Here are 7 different images of corrugated  from their websites technical areas below:  - what is the problem?
The companies are Lysaght, Stramit, Stratco, Steeline, Fielders, Revolution and Metroll! All of these sites are available on the Links for Rollformers above - but see if you can guess who's made the MISTAKE and why????
Corrugated 1
Corrugated 2

Corrugated 3

Corrugated 4
Corrugated 5
Corrugated 6
Corrugated 7
The Technical pages of each manufacturer provide info for buyers, engineers, architects, builders and home owners - the standard should be higher than basic mistakes in cover and overall dimensions!

Just fix it quickly please!
UPDATE - Brochure on the website has been removed and no doubt will be corrected!


  1. Roofer have checked all of the websites for the companies involved and all seems to be correct. which company didn't know the specs on its bread and butter? Confusing sheet coverage with actual sheet width is a pretty basic mistake and they should know better.

  2. Thanks SW, I thought maybe the company would have corrected it by now - so here it is:

    It's in their brochure of S-Rib - they'll have to reprint it I think!

  3. What's the cover of Revolution True Oak corrugated?

    1. who cares?!

    2. Obviously not Fielders, it is still going great guns with Aramax, moving away from the housing market is a good plan. Who needs a different corro anyway ?

    3. Anon:
      1. No! You are wrong - it was Fielders - the PDF link is above - but now removed (and presumably corrected)! They made a simple mistake - and have corrected it - simple - story over!

      2. But moving into the Aramax area has been a good plan for Fielders, as you stated - and as a result you can see the publicity!