Saturday, May 26, 2012

Roofing & Rollforming BLOGS?

Roofing & Rollformers go Blogging!

After numerous comments under one of the previous articles - Fielders have their own new BLOGSPOT called Fielders Steel and this is new for a rollformer - but it will take time to overtake The Rollformer Blogspot (ME)! What I want is for all the major and minor rollformers to be number 1 all the way to 100 - currently a search in Google yeilds 3.07 million results and this site is 1 through to 4 if you enter " rollforming blog australia" in the search field! Plus Fielders have published 2 articles in 4 days and if they continue will pick up a substantial market of HITS when people browse for roofing.

So here's a peak at Fielders Steell Blog Site:

Fielders New Blog Site - Click Here!
These Blog Sites are free! - no money outlay at all - you only need an email address and you can do this type of promotion! Spend money on TV and Print media - measure the results through your cost outlayed and see how you go? This site costs only time - and the rewards come in the thousands! This Blog - The Roofer gets approximately between 10 and 12 thousand hits per month (only small but effective)! ! 
Roofing Contractors have BLOGS on their own websites - but you're better off putting up a separate Blog Site to link back to your website.

Roofing Hints for Blogs:
  1. Keep it simple and always use links back to your site.
  2. Don't allow Adsense Ads if you are promoting your own business -fairly obvious why!
  3. Make frequent posts or articles at the minimum weekly.
  4. Make sure your headings are generic! (Don't use We have a new product!) Use "Roofing Product Released - NEW"
  5. Promote your company and all products as much as you can with honesty!
  6. Don't have RUMOURS in your title like mine!
  7. Add humour - keep customers interested! (See example of change in the Fielders Blog below this!)
  8. Cross reference competitors -why? Yellowpages do it, Websites do it, Newspapers do it, TV does it also! The more people choose one site to click on - you give them a choice of manufacturers and then it's up to them - just like Yellow pages - the more you cross reference (or add links to your page) the more hits you get! Be very independent - then you're on your lonesome! In effect you will create your own Web Based Yellow Pages for Rollforming and Roofing! FOR FREE!
  9. Subscribe all your customers to your BLOG! (Obvious!)
  10. Always use KEY words in titles and headings - see above (Roofing Hints for Blogs)!
  11. And use links to your own site - eg ROOFING in item 10 above!
Who's next on the ROOFING & ROLLFORMING Blogging sites - and maybe, they are there already - send in the links please!

Here's a humour adjustment on the Fielders Steel Blogspot photo:-

The date stamp is wrong - it's actually the 24th May 2012 - and that's a lifting platform on the right, and Keith is in the middle - ton of steel being lifted there! Have you got gloves on Keith?
 Have fun - in all of these - people don't read specification sheets - they read info and news that entertains them! All the newspaper websites are starting to charge money - why pay them to charge the customer a fee to read about your product advertised on their website when the Rollforming and Roofing Blogs could have their own following for free - and bigger - look at the USA, China, Europe, India, New Zealand, Russia, Norfolk Island etc etc - ???????


  1. Need to know an answer to SW regarding the record of 122 meters in regard to expansion? It's a record for Fielders running Aramax in Australia which is correct - so Brice have the record at 144 meters! The articles in the new website are correct then! How long will the White Bay Passenger Terminal be?

  2. the record for this roof is 144meters not 122 - go to the page sw gave! it may as well be 50 metres! big deal

    1. I guess the only issue is that they would have fallen 72m short! ha ha ha

  3. How do you design ARAMAX for thermal expansion for long lengths?

    Fielders Aramax is punched with 16mm x 22mm slotted holes which allow for some construction tolerance and thermal effects. Additional thermal expansion and contraction for lengths over 24m may be accommodated via slotted holes in the fixing plates. Contact Fielders for additional information.

    The frame also is designed to take expansion laterally - lateral sway design.

    1. Thanks for replying - with slotted holes how do you make it watertight and still allow movement? Sorry for the questions haven't seen the product in the flesh yet. I also noticed in your blog the third picture shows a few damaged or poorly rolled sheets under the arbor - is this a common issue? and how do you allow for this when quoting a project or does Fielders wear this expense?
      Other than this good job with the Blog as Roofer has already said its an effective marketing tool to the end user - I expect more roll-formers will follow suit. SW

  4. To ensure it remains watertight we use a specially designed washer. Please refer any further technical enquiries to the Fielders Technical Group.

    In relation to the sheets in the images - these are the sheets rolled for the 3rd awning which was 31m long. Interestingly some of these sheets are also the box gutters for the awnings. Utilising Aramax as a box gutter is definatley a clever use of the versatile profile.

  5. Pre-painted PersonMonday, June 04, 2012

    I would recommend @ColorbondExpert as an example of micro-blogging but that project seems to have died - not much activity for a while. It's a shame because as The Roofer mentions social media is a low cost, high return avenue.
    Props to Fielders for trying something new!

  6. Pre-painted Person,
    @ColorbondExpert - using this platform (twitter) - you really have to have a link to a blog (like Fielders have done) where most of the articles can be written. @colorbondexpert only goes to website - use twitter as a means of drawing people to interesting articles etc - not to colorbond website - that's the facility the BLOG offers.

    The Colorbond Expert Blog - would be the main interest site - and twitter as the draw card.