Thursday, May 10, 2012

Roofing News and Rollforming Comparison in Marketing

Roofer falls in vat of acid in USA.

Hard to believe but a roofer in the USA fell in a vat of nitric acid and one of his workmates jumped in to save him with the aid of others to pull them both out. Amazingly they both survived but with burns to all parts of the body. Lets just hope they both get through this! Another good ending to a story of bravery of the roofing industry!
See the video of the interview with a paramedic after the accident:

Check MSN video - 9RAW: Roofer falls into vat of acid

Roofing & Rollforming Marketing - Cool!

How do you get to millions of Australians every day when ever you want - be Kevin Rudd with over 1,098,418 followers on Twitter as of 7.48pm today! How does he do this? Just get on Twitter and TWEET to his hearts content. No wonder he's ahead of Julia on the polls with almost 1/24th of the Australian population following his every TWEET.

What about our rollformers in Australia and their ability to get around the Marketing of the current media cycle. Lets go through three of the most popular platforms used by the new smart buyers of Australia


Metroll - only seems to be local branches on this network eg: Metroll Facebook
Fielders - hard to find but on their website - and 47 likes? At Fielders Facebook
Lysaght - only under BlueScope Lysaght - 106 likes? At BlueScope Lysaght Facebook
Stramit - under building products - 3 likes? At Stramit Facebook
Stratco - good site with 1,275 likes? At Stratco Facebook
Revolution - hard to find but 84 likes? At Revolution Roofing Facebook
Steeline - Thanks to Steeline and 71 likes? Steeline Facebook
FrameCAD - Update - FaceBook FRAMECAD or FrameCAD Facebook Group
The Rest - can't be found easily - please supply details & they'll be added to Links Page!


Metroll - couldn't find anything at all
Fielders - 14 followers, 40 following, 16 tweets!  Fielders Facebook Tweet Fielders
Lysaght - under BlueScope 301 followers, 3 following, 43 tweets! Tweet BlueScope
Stramit - couldn't find anything! at all!
Stratco - 45 followers, 7 following, 62 tweets! At Tweet Stratco
Steeline - under Steel Select! At Tweet Steeline
The rest - couldn't find on Google!

You Tube

Metroll - couldn't find anything at all
Fielders - 9 videos, 1,818 views, 2 subscribers! At  Fielders YouTube
Lysaght - only under other productions but nothing corporate!
Stramit - Update 9 videos, 2,323 views, 7 subscribers Stramit YouTube
Stratco - 31 videos, 53,194 views total, 25 subscribers! At Stratco YouTube
Revolution Roofing - 5 videos, 871 views, 2 subscribers! At Revolution YouTube
Steeline - many videos under different sources - over 1,000 views Steeline YouTube


Kevin Rudd has done more TWEETS than all the total Rollformers combined - only Stratco is way ahead in YouTube and the rest is better not even talked about. Let's get with the times and utilise these FREE platforms to gain market over the tile opposition! Think about TWEETS - suddenly all of your customers, sales staff, management and cash customers have a TWEET about a new product! If your company has an IT department - get them to monitor and engage in these great sites - The Roofer even signed up to TWITTER and have had 15 hits to the BLOG site from this alone.

The youth of today operate in this medium - change and adapt now to gain all the advantages. Kevin Rudd hasn't got a personnel Marketing man - just an IPhone!

DISCLAIMER - I don't adhere to the views or politics of Kevin Rudd - he is only an example of a TWITTER!

Overall Stratco takes the Marketing Badge of the week - No Prize this week - SORRY! The future is in this media of the Internet - not NBN, wireless, etc - the main aim is to hit as many customers as possible - not how fast you can reach them! Get with it!

Update - Thanks to ANON for pointing outthese platforms are the responsibilty of marketing!
Update - Thanks to Steeline for reminding me that I left them out! Here is the Steeline website
Update - Thanks to Irving Washington for updating the Stramit YouTube videos.
Update - Thanks to Peter of FrameCAD for FrameCAD Facebook update!

See comments regarding updates below:


  1. Hi Roofer,
    You missed Steeline from your post!
    Steeline facebook page -!/pages/Steeline/119180591491593

    And can't find us on youtube?? Just search 'Steeline' for a number of results:

    1. Steeline - My apologies - will be included in the article shortly!
      Thank you.

    2. roofer, you wouldn't be the first to forget about steeline

    3. HA! I pay that one Tinman for humour - but I bet you'll be as popular as a fart in a spacesuit with the Steeline Group.
      Get ready!

    4. yep im going to cop it

      steeline are like the middle brother or long lost cousin,everyone forgets their birthday and no one notices them when they're in the room but you still love them :)

  2. I would say the responsibility in the social media space is more a function of the marketting department and not an IT department

    1. Correct! Thanks

      Will make changes shortly!

  3. I am posting here just to let you know that you are doing a great job by keeping us posted about this. Please keep on posting such quality articles as this is a rare thing to find these days.

  4. FRAMECAD recognise the importance of social media and I maintain both our Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

    Our Facebook group have over 300 members and customers from all over the world discussing how to get the best from their software and machines.

    Check us out, and more importantly..... LIKE US and JOIN OUR PAGE!

  5. FRAMECAD Solutions recognise the importance of Social Media in today's marketing landscape.

    I maintain both our group and page and we have the highest number of group members of any LSF business on Facebook.
    We are also active in LinkedIn.

    We have over 320 members of our group actively discussing the Light Steel Frame industry (globally) and sharing projects, photos and tips on how to get the best from their FRAMECAD system.

    Check us out, and more importantly, LIKE US and ask to JOIN OUR GROUP..... Join the conversation.

    1. Thanks Peter,
      I have updated the article above - was in the mindset of roofing rollformers only? Apologies!

  6. Irving WashingtonMonday, May 14, 2012
    9 vids and more on the way...

    1. Thanks Irving,

      I have updated the article above and will shortly include a YouTube page on the TABS above to include all the roolformers.

    2. Also Irving, Were you at Ports & Export Operations at BlueScope Steel in Woolongong? If correct - what's your take of the current takeover possibilities? I used to work there.