Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roofing, MRCAA and NZ Versus Australia!

MRCAA - Metal Roofing & Cladding Association of Australia.

Fielders, Bluescope, Metroll, Stramit & Stratco are all members?

This association is a NSW based group of roofing contractors & suppliers that get fees, sponsorship and membership of businesses and to date seem to be mainly for the benefit of NSW Roofing Contractors - what does this Association do for the Australian Rollforming and Roofing Industry Group?
There have been some enquiries into this association with very little activity apart from the dedicated few on the organising committee, and there appears to be a Queensland branch of this association! Has anyone got some insight on the associations effectiveness? Also if this association is already set up - why don't more of our industry members join up and make it a powerful representative group for the industry?

The "Find a Roofer" section is not that flash! Try it in your area and see what happens! Search SA, Adelaide, Metal, New etc etc - result is ZERO! Are you happy with the result in your area?
And why haven't they got find a rollformer?

How much does it cost - the rollformers just have one link to their website - are you getting good value for money - ask for more coverage!

NZ beat AUS in Crude steel production!

Steel production Australia Vs. New Zealand. (http://www.steelguru.com/)

This is where you wonder how Australian manufacturing is going! NZ has an average increase of nearly 25% while Australia is down over 27% in crude steel production over the last year - this is not good for the total manufacturing industry in Australia! What has gone wrong?

We are not exactly the industrial work engine of Oceania anymore!


  1. One would assume its to do with the cost of Steel production..? I would be interested to know if there are other reasons ? Perhaps NZ as a lower cost producer is better equipped to deal in export markets ?

  2. It is more expensive to manufacture steel in Australia - and also New Zealand export to the Pacific through TROPEX. All from NZ Steel (BlueScope) - virtually no rollforming coils go to PNG, Solomons etc from Australia! Also NZ export and consolidate a lot of product for this market area and they do the shipping extremely well!
    Cheaper and quicker to get from coil from NZ than from Queensland! Their crude steel production will continue to rise - while Australias will decline further after July 1st.