Sunday, May 13, 2012

Julia Gillard to be booted out - by The Roofer!

Gillard to leave the Lodge by XMAS!

New Corro Roof!

This has become a serious political football - The Canberra Special Minister of State, Gary Gray, said the works will take about 18 months and cost millions of dollars and has appointed HBO+EMTB Architects the $781,000 design services contract to develop a plan to fix up the 84-year-old building.
The cost is to actually do the work is estimated in millions?????

YES! You are reading this correctly - $781,000 to develop a plan to fix the building! The DEAN Brothers in Queensland could have demolished it for under $25,000 and one of the housing companies could put up three nice little homes for $200,000 each - Total $625,000 and have one for the ALP, one for the LIBS and one for others! Leave Tim's shed there, add a camping ground for Peter and maybe a sleepover room for Craig?

The Lodge:

The Lodge Rear Main Entrance

The Pool Fence looks illegal?
Shocking Slate Roof!
This is the main area of interest - should this roof be slate - definitely not Australian and should be replaced with corrugated iron (in colour if they want) but not slate, tiles or anything else - BUT steel!
Here is the comparison if they replaced the slate with corro!

Now that's an improvement! And the right colour for Tony!

There's a poll on the right with various solutions for the LODGE!
I mean the Prime Minister of Great Britain lives in a flat at No 10 Downing Street & then only upstairs!
No 10 Downing Street - upstairs is the bedrooms!
If there is enough votes - we could get some Colorbond by BlueScope, rolled by one of the major (from a lottery), installed by a local roof fixer, and used to promote Australian Steel - easy - why didn't Peter Beattie think of this!


  1. Adelaide Roofer .... looks like TrueOak in the lodge photo.

  2. slate roof would look good in neo-roman

    1. Hi Tinman,
      The Neo Roman would suit The Lodge! The article on the old QLD Government House is great! Even looks better than The Lodge! Article here: