Sunday, May 20, 2012

BlueScope Constructions - is it true?

BlueScope Constructions Australia?

This report is from the Phantom Roofer Queensland.

The Courier Mail on Saturday 19th May 2012, ran this advert under Tenders:
BlueScope Constructions - email is
 The only other reference for this tender that could be found is at Newsclassified. Now what is the Multi Million Dollar Transportation Depot @ Logan Link Industrial Park, Berrinba, Qld? This is from the Loganbiz Website called Development Activity Report:

Logan City Industrial Proposals & Completions
And this second paragragh on shed proposals in Logan City:
So the only new Transport complex is the Toll one for the NQX depot - a 43,663 square meter develpoment complex! Assuming this is the BlueScope Constructions project that they are calling in to register interest & Quotes from Sub Contractors & Suppliers - it brings up some very big questions:
  1. Why haven't any other builders advertised this same project?
  2. Would any other builder be able to compete against a manufacturer, rollformer & builder all in one?
  3. Is this a conflict of interest?
  4. How can other rollformers compete for material supply to this project?
  5. Why haven't BlueScope Constructions advertised their BSA number?
  6. Who is DMC Buildings Tenders? Part of BlueScope Corporate see below?
  7. Is Toll or NQX a major carrier for BlueScope, Lysaght or Stoddart?
Here are some other facts relating to this project?
The submission of Tender requests require a BSA or QBSA number to be including in the advertisements by Construction or Building companies:
BSA licensed contractors requirement?
There is no BSA licenses recorded against BlueScope Constructions nor DMC Buildings?? WHY?

The email address is actually for BlueScope Steel Corporate - not BlueScope Steel Australia where the Design Manufacture Construct was listed as Emerging Businesses - but not defined as a Construction Company? See this  FY2011 from BlueScope in the PDF.
Here is a small segment of the units description:
This segment was not profitable as indicated in the FY2011 report!
Has anyone have more information on this emerging BlueScope Construction arm and will it cause BlueScope, Lysaght etc grief in future? How will it affect relationships with the big builders in Australia?


  1. This is the twu and other stuff with the alp & unions - payback - we want jobs for the boys at bluescope for the toll nqx building after the big payment to bluescope more to come on this ,a big controlled contruction company , nothing new in any of this ,they will built the new building


  2. That's a different slant on this report ANON!

    TOLL is the biggest transport group in Australia! See the following:

    Freight logistics company Toll Holdings, BHP Billiton and BlueScope Steel have a lot of common people on the board and in management! TWU and the ALP are also there - good pick up ANON!

    1. EX- BLUESCOPE says

      Brian Kruger is in trouble - toll is going to loose money tis year and in a big way - hes ex bhp and bluescope -say no more - cant see this logan site going ahead but only if albo and unions give them all more money - bloodey stupid fools. heeps of payouts will go on an the new governmmrent won't even know about it its bad. reallyy bad !

  3. The big question asked by The Phantom Roofer QLD is if BlueScope goes under - all the money is then forwarded to the NQX Building and probably the Stoddart building as well!

    But then only BlueScope Constructions (whoever they are) goes under and they have another write off for the books! DMC may not mean Don't Monday Come! but Don't Come Monday!

    I don't know if any of this BlueScope Construction is true or not but rather a method of obtaining a subcontrator base? Sneaky eh!

  4. Bluescope Water Pty Ltd
    Licence Number:1133591
    Builder - Open
    Licence Address:2 NOTAR DRIVE ORMEAU QLD 4208
    Trading Name:Bluescope Water


    Bluescope Building Solutions Pty Ltd
    Licence Number:1087324
    Licence Address:MANCHESTER ROAD (WEST) AUBURN NSW 2144 Trading Name:Lysaght Home Improvements

    Check out BSA at

    nothing here to authorise multi million dollar construction!

    1. None of these cover BlueScope Constructions? You are correct - this ad should be removed by New Ltd ASAP.

    2. BlueScope Construction (BSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc., a BlueScope Steel Company. We specialize in structural design and construction of large industrial buildings utilizing a blend of pre-engineered and conventional steel structural systems.

      BlueScope Construction is the only design-build general contractor that can give you an integrated supply chain from raw steel to finished construction. We have the ability to control your project’s steel and concrete procurement, design, detailing, fabrication, delivery and building shell erection, with the added advantage of a one-stop warranty program. And with our in-house concrete foundation, slab, and tilt-wall capabilities, we control the schedule for construction of the entire building shell (which can be the most critical schedule item of your project.)

      By employing the total assets of BlueScope Buildings North America, your facility can be sourced from 10 strategically located plants which results in lower freight costs, helps you achieve key points in LEED certification, and ensures available resources to meet tough schedule requirements. In addition, BlueScope Construction has an affiliation with over 2,000 contractors throughout the country who provide local construction knowledge and contacts wherever you want to build.

      The net result of this single-sourced accountability from start to finish is higher quality, a shorter construction schedule, and the lowest in-place cost for your facility.

    3. BlueScope had better watch itself or might bite the hand that feeds it...
      What turkey thought this would be good for business in Aus? - must be the same guy that chose Loft....

    4. Anonymous: You say "BlueScope Construction (BSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.," That's fine in America - but this is calling for tenders in Australia - if BlueScope goes down the path of Construction like you guys in the USA are doing - then it's goodbye BlueScope!

  5. there is a video on youtube for bluescope constrction america