Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stratco goes Solar, BlueScope not training!

1. Stratco introduce Solatop Roofing!

Stratco have released this video of Solatop roofing - here shown as a re-roof! Wonder if this development may too late to take advantage of the boom in solar unit installation. Rebates are still high for feed in tariffs - but is the market already saturated?

2. BlueScope not using the train!

BlueScope stated the Iron Monarch was up for sale as it is more economical to use rail transport! But there is something amiss as this ship using the name of Kaiti Hill IMO 9286944 shown here is being utilised by BlueScope. It is currently moored at Port Kembla or Western Port.

Ship under use by BlueScope!
Also this report in MARCH 2012 ON WATCH by marine engineers has this loading list and they have a list of 14 single voyage permits since October 2011 and all happen to be coil!!! The Hong Kong ship is apparently manned by crew from the Channel Islands?

Why wouldn't they just come out and state this - seems all very secretive!


  1. Hey! the stratco solartop guys working dont have harnesses or safety barriers - is this video by stratco - very bad safety example boys.

    should redo it or you'll be in trouble big time.

    bluescope bullsh**s as usual

    1. I think they do have safety procedures in place!
      In the first 10 or so seconds the guys are on a platform that mark them at gutter level to the roof.
      The video is deceptive in this regard.

      On the second point - I agree!